6 Best ways to save space in a studio apartment

Buying a studio apartment is a terrific way to cut costs and get your area that’s not too difficult to maintain, but dwelling in a smaller area means you’ll have to be innovative with storing.

 Here are six simple strategies to make your space feel warm rather than tight:

  • Donate items you no longer require or even use

Browsing through your belongings is usually an excellent starting point, whether you’re prepping to live in a smaller area or just attempting to get your present more organized. Throw out anything which is damaged or discoloured, and donate the rest.

  • Replace a traditional coffee table with a chest or storage cube

Rather than a coffee table with limited capacity, try storing comforters, jigsaw puzzles, dog toys, as well as other belongings in a cabinet or storage cuboid.

  • Make wall art out of headgear and jewellery

Hats and jewellery can be hard to store and occupy up a lot of space. Use hangers as well as thumbtacks to hang headgear on the walls, and a swinging rack to exhibit jewellery. You won’t be wasting important storage capacity in this manner, and you’ll have a jump start on designing.

  • Ensure that the closet area is maximized

Organize your closet space efficiently: A shoe rack will help keep track of your footwear.

Arrange plastic compartments for smaller items (stockings, undergarments, headgear) solely on a single side of the wardrobe, and hang all others. While hanging clothing, consider doubling up (i.e., layering coats over dresses).

  •  Make storage behind the doorway

Installing a dangling organizer behind your closets or washroom doors is a simple way to increase storage capacity for bathrobes, jackets, mittens, and other items. Furthermore, if you have visitors, you can effortlessly hide everything.

  • Place your mattress on stilts

Oversized goods you don’t use often, such as backpacks or out-of-season clothing, can be stored in plastic containers beneath your beds. If you may not have enough space to use the space for storing, place your beds on lifters for a short term fix, and invest in a lengthy bed skirt to hide things.

An Ashok Goyal, one of our prospective clients, recently purchased one of Panthaniwas’ most beautiful studio apartments in Shantiniketan. He had already implemented several of these best ways to save space in his apartment.

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