A Life Within Greens That Seems Like A Long Holiday Waiting For You At Panthaniwas, Dooars

When the mundane city life takes a toll on our mental and physical health, longing for a break to detach and detox is a common psychology. But what about those who fall in love with the silence and serenity of this region full of exquisite beauty? Are you one of those who feel a constant urge to escape to the wide stretch of green wilderness and spend a lifetime there? Then you have come to the right place. Panthaniwas is offering studio apartments near Neora Valley for those who long for a second home amidst the vastness of greenery far away from the maddening crowd.

These apartments near Lataguri offer a surrounding with ecstatic beauty of low grasslands and deep dense forest side by side. Walk through the rolling hill slopes, stroll in the widespread lush green tea gardens, gaze at the tip of Kanchenjunga glowing in the mists, fog and clouds – invest in experiences at Dooars.

  1. Jungle

If an adventurous expedition causes adrenalin rush in you and
you can relate to the sense of euphoria, set out for a jungle safari to
Gorumara or Chapramari Forest. Dooars is famous for its rich biodiversity and
wild life sanctuaries. Explore the wilderness on elephant’s back instead of a
rowdy jeep. Experience smooth drive on the roads cutting through the forests.
There are many watchtowers inside the forest to spot an array of wild life,
ranging from the royal Bengal tiger to the small Red Panda, various species of
birds, great Indian Bison and various species of deer.

  • Bird Watching:

Dooars is home to several exotic birds. If you love to
capture them in their natural habitat, Dooars is perfect for you. Grasslands,
wetlands, forests, jungles, hills, mountains and villages in Dooars have made
it a heaven for bird watchers. Take guided tours in some spectacular areas where rare
birds can be found in abundance. Lava, Neora Valley, Gorumara National Park,
Samsing, Suntalekhola, Jhalong are some of the scenic areas for bird watching.

  • River Rafting:

River rafting is a popular adventure sport people love to try
here. If you are a first-timer, there is choice of quieter waters on a passage
through some of picturesque riversides. Experience white water rafting on the
confluence of river Teesta & Rangeet. Peaceful river banks, variety of
flora and fauna make the experience more enthralling. Favourable time for river
rafting is between January to April when the weather is relatively stable.

  • Exploring Tea Estates:

At the foothills of the Eastern Himalaya, Dooars is
surrounded by a variety of shades of thick greenery. The stunning view of the
tea garden looks like a green carpet where silver-barked and slim elevated
trees stand evenly spaced out over trimmed tea bushes. Take a stroll in the tea
garden and explore the factory and the process of manufacturing tea. Discover
the a rich culture and history of the hills with the friendly people of the tea
estates of the region. You might come across something truly amazing!