Amenities that make Panthaniwas a favorite with the Millennials

As a generation known for its unique preferences and lifestyle choices, the millennial are known to be very specific about the amenities present when it comes to buying an apartment in a residential complex. They like to ensure that the apartment complex has all amenities that can help them have a comfortable life in a secure and pleasant environment.

Panthaniwas, which is a modern residential complex in the heart of Shantiniketan is one such residential complex that highly appeals to the millennial. Not only are those living in Bolpur, young professionals and entrepreneurs from in and around Kolkata are also quite eager to buy apartments in Santiniketan Bolpur in Panthaniwas. The host of amenities that can be availed at this state-of-art residential complex by Sree Balaji Group makes these apartments in Bolpur highly desirable for the young buyers. Here’s an overview on all the amenities in Panthaniwas that make it a favorite with the millennial.

Swimming Pool:

A swimming pool is perhaps the most essential amenity that the millennial look for in residential complexes before buying an apartment there. And Panthaniwas certainly has a state-of-art swimming pool where the residents can enjoy a refreshing swim after a hectic day at work or even on the weekends.

Landscaped Gardens:

The youth today is very conscious about maintaining a good physical and mental health. As such, they are quite particular about going for morning and evening walks and practicing Yoga and meditation. As such, the presence of beautiful landscaped gardens and well-manicured lawns where people can sit and practice Yoga and meditate is one aspect that the millennial love about Panthaniwas.


Apart from the pool, the gymnasium is also one of the key attractions of this modern residential complex. There is a fully-equipped state-of-art gymnasium where the residents can work out as per their convenience and schedule. People often go to the gymnasium with their friends and neighbors and enjoy some time out chatting while working out. This apparently works out as a wonderful way to detox after a hectic day at work.

Indoor Playroom:

An indoor playroom with various board games like chess and carom board is another wonderful place to catch up with friends and unwind. Not only do adults love to spend time with their friends here, children, teenagers and the elderly alike can spend quality time with their friends playing some board games in the indoor playroom.


The library at Panthaniwas has an amazing collection of books that the residents can enjoy reading in their free time. Most young people nowadays enjoy reading in a quiet corner whenever they are not busy with their day-to-day work. And the beautifully designed library here offers just the right environment for a quiet read.

Children’s Playing Area:

Parents of young children are always keen on ensuring that their little ones get a safe and happy place to play and run around. At Panthaniwas there is a beautiful children’s play area where the children can play with their friends in a happy and secure environment.

Club House:

The property also has a state-of-art club house where the residents can celebrate various festivals together and even organize personal events like birthday parties.

Along with being specific about their requirements, the youth today is also very particular about the safety and emergency provisions present in a residential complex. Panthaniwas not only ensures 24X7 CCTv surveillance, it also has a fire-fighting system, power back up as well as Stretcher lift for the convenience of the guests.

Panthaniwas is a world-class residential complex that has been designed to meet the expectations of the youth and the elderly alike. It is a happy place where people get to lead an urbane lifestyle in the heart of Tagore’s poetic hinterland.