Destinations close to Dooars that can be ideal for Trekking

The Dooars or ‘Duar’ is not just one particular place but a whole region spread over approximately 8,800 Sq. Kms and having the most diverse landscape one can imagine. With a major river like the Teesta criss-crossing the landscape and several square kilometers of dense forests, Dooars easily qualifies as one of the most interesting regions for a trekking expedition. People from all over the world come to Dooars to go on trekking expeditions and explore the verdant and mysterious lands of the Himalayan foothills.

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Here we are listing some popular destinations around Dooars that are famous for trekking:

Jaldapara National Park:

Home to a diverse range of flora and fauna and the second largest population of the one-horned Rhino, the Jaldapara National park has many exciting trails to go trekking. Between March and October, adventure seekers can always trek along the Hollong Forest Rest House Trail. It is considered moderately challenging and can be completed in about three hours while enjoying the best of nature in its rustic form.

Gorumara National Park:

Ideal for people who want to explore the dense jungles, the Gorumara National Park would be an ideal place to visit. There are many trekking trails in this national park which people can explore. The Rhino Observation Point trail which is moderately challenging and can be completed in about two-two and half hours is perfect for solo or group treks. The Ramshai Picnic Spot or the Elephant Riding Point Trail is much shorter and is considered ideal for treks with family.

Buxa Tiger Reserve:

An extremely rich area from the point of bio-diversity, Buxa is just perfect for an adventurous trek. There are about eight different forests in this reserve along with a little forest village which offers the most picturesque location to the shutterbugs. The trekking trail here which spans from Jayanti to Buxaduar is about thirteen kilometers long and offers the most beautiful views of the landscape.

Neora Valley:

Situated between the plains of Dooars and the hills of Kalimpong, Sikkim and Bhutan, the Neora Valley is another exciting landscape that trekkers love to explore. Amidst the valley’s dense jungles, tea gardens and hills, people can spot the Red Panda, Hornbill, Himalayan Griffon vulture and so many other exotic birds and animals. Trekkers simply love going all the way to the Mouchaki beat of Neora Valley to admire and photograph the bird’s eye view of the majestic and verdant plains of Dooars.

Apart from these popular reserves and national parks there are plenty of other places like the Chapramari forest where people can go on nature trails and enjoy the best of nature in its most rustic form.

Having a home in Dooars is like establishing a strong connection with nature as along with the home, the verdant surroundings all around will keep beckoning the heart and the mind to rush back to Dooars and soak in the healing touch of Mother Nature.