Factors driving the property trends in Shantiniketan

Many people from Kolkata and the neighboring areas seem to be quite keen on buying properties in Shantiniketan. Not just those looking to permanently settle down in this haven of peace post retirement, even young city dwellers are keen on buying small 1BHK or Studio Apartments in Shantiniketan for a host of reasons.

Panthaniwas, which is a modern residential complex in the heart of Shantiniketan is one the best properties that you can invest in. This residential complex has well appointed apartments, bungalows as well as tastefully designed studio apartments that can cater to the needs of different kinds of buyers. Over 550 families have already taken possession of their properties here and are enjoying a peaceful and fun-filled life and the remaining units are selling out fast.

There has been an increase in the demand for quality apartments in Shantiniketan and the factors driving the property trends here are as follows:

The Peaceful environs:

Shantiniketan’s beautiful green environs and the peaceful hassle free lifestyle have a wonderful soothing effect on the busy city dwellers. People living in urban metropolises like Kolkata crave for that peace and solitude, and Shantiniketan offers just the perfect environs to enjoy a calm and quiet lifestyle. This is one of the biggest reasons why Kolkatans who can afford to buy a second home never miss an opportunity to buy one in Shantiniketan which is indeed the abode of peace and tranquility.


Shantiniketan is quite well-connected to Kolkata and its neighboring areas. People staying in Kolkata can easily reach Bolpur by train or their personal vehicles in just about four to five hours to spend a relaxing weekend. This ease of commuting has always been one of the biggest factors driving the property trends in Shantiniketan.

Variety of Housing Options:

In order to keep up with the rising demand for good properties, many reputed real estate companies have launched state-of-the-art residential projects in Shantiniketan. These projects offer a variety of housing options and people can always find 2-3 BHK apartments, studio apartments or even bungalows within their budget. Owing to the availability of so many options, people from different socio-economic backgrounds are showing keen interest in buying properties here.

Returns on Investment:

Having observed the appreciation in property values in Shantiniketan over the past decade, many people are keen on buying properties here. Owing to the infrastructural developments that are underway, property prices here are all set to soar. People buying properties here now can expect excellent returns on their investment in future. These market dynamics also have a great influence on the property trends in Shantiniketan.


Although Shantiniketan was always a popular tourist spot, with its increasing popularity as an ideal weekend getaway from Kolkata, interesting changes have been observed in the property buying trends. Many people are buying studio apartments or 1 BHK apartments which they are renting out to vacationers looking for affordable accommodation options and earning a passive income from the arrangement. Some reputed travel planning and hotel booking sites are facilitating such transactions, thus ensuring that the property owners can keep earning a passive income from their investment in an apartment in Shantiniketan.

Even if we keep the commercial aspects aside, owning a home in Shantiniketan has always been a matter of pride for every Bengali who has grown up adoring Tagore’s songs and poems. And now that reputed real estate companies have come up with affordable housing solutions in Tagore’s haven of peace, people do not really need any other reason to just buy a property in Shantiniketan and call it home. It should thus be safe to say that along with various other variables that drive the property trends in Shantiniketan year after year, Tagore’s charisma continues to be at the centre of it all.