Finding an ideal property for your summer home in Dooars

Gateway to the mesmerizing hill stations of North Bengal and even Bhutan, Dooars is basically a region in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. This region has several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries which attracts people from all over the world to enjoy the rustic charms of nature. Although the economy of this area is largely dependent on the vast expanses of tea estates that are present here, timber trade, betel nut farming as well as import and export are also quite strong contributors to the economy of Dooars. Besides, tourism is also an important aspect of the region’s economy and in the past few years many people have invested in properties here so the same can be used as a summer home and even be leased out for homestays.

Although many real estate companies are coming up with residential properties here, in order to get the best out of the investment made it is very important find a good property that can be ideal for a summer home as most people flock to this region during the summers only.

Guide to Finding an Ideal Property for a summer home in Dooars:

Location: The property you buy should be strategically located in a place that is well connected to the rest of the city and yet away from the chaos of city life. Places around the Gora Bazaar can be an ideal choice for a place when you have to buy a property in Dooars. Panthaniwas is one such residential complex in Dooars in this area where you can buy a well-appointed apartment for that perfect summer home.

Amenities: While you are looking for property for sale in Dooars, always try to settle down for one in a good residential complex that has all world-class amenities. Presence of beautiful landscaped gardens, theme parks, jogging tracks, Kid’s play area, swimming pool, open air amphitheater, library, guest rooms, restaurant etc. always add to the overall value of the property. Moreover, presence of these amenities will also ensure that you can enjoy your summer stay in Dooars in complete comfort.

Facilities: Before buying a property in Dooars you should also ensure that the residential complex has 24×7 security and surveillance, un-interrupted water supply, ample parking area for the residents and visitors, 24×7 power back-up, proper waste management system, sewerage treatment plant as well as proper fire fighting system. Presence of all these facilities will ensure that you do not have to deal with issues related to the basic necessities of life. Also, the apartment complex where you buy the property should have a good council and management plans in place so maintenance issues related to the complex can be sorted in no time.

Well-appointed apartments: Most important of all other considerations are the individual residential units. Before finalizing a property you must see to it that the floor plan of the apartment is Vaastu compliant and as per your liking too. The apartment should also have a balcony or deck with beautiful views of the greenery all around. If you are buying a studio apartment here, you should also ensure that the area within is big enough for a bed and a workstation. It should also have a pantry so you or your guests can easily cook up a simple meal using an induction heater or a microwave.

When you start looking for property for sale in Dooars, always be critical about the aspects mentioned above as it will not only ensure that you can have a comfortable stay, it will also increase your property’s value if you have to let it out for a homestay.