How living near mountains can help you lead a happier & healthier life?

Craving for a break from extremely polluted and chaotic city life is quite common. If you’ve had enough of the rat race, why not head above the clouds and start to live in the mountains? Although, the secluded landscape or slow paced life might frighten you to shift there at the beginning but the great health and psychological benefits come with living in mountains is worth the challenges. Waking up to a wonderful view of cloud kissing mountains is both beautiful and inspiring. Some communities in India consider mountains to be gods with their inherent beauty and raw power that offer a lot more than breathtaking views.

If living near the hills has been your dream, the studio apartments of Panthaniwas near Gorumara National Forest can be your home. With the enchanting forests and mystic mountains nearby, this real estate property in Dooars can offer you several advantages including great health benefits.

  1. Lower risk of obesity:

Living in Panthaniwas will give you enough scope to explore the nearby places that are mostly mountains and serene trekking routes. Unlike plain land, living near such places will inspireyou to be physically active. Your holiday activities might include simple nature walks, hiking, biking and skiing which will lower your chances of putting on extra weight. People living in higher altitudes are less likely to face obesity as they have unlimited space to exercise for free while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of being in nature.

  • Fight heart diseases:

People living near mountains also have a lower risk of dying from ischemic heart disease. There is lower oxygen level at higher altitudes which turn on certain genes that may change the way heart muscles function. New blood vessels are produced to create new highways for blood flowing into the heart. This not only results in overall better heart health but decreased blood pressure as well.

  • Zap stress & anxiety:

Living near mountains might have its own challenges but the slower pace of life can make you appreciate the simple things in life. This can do wonders to decrease your stress levels. In cities, people often feel the urge to escape to nature after a long, stressful week. At Panthaniwas, you just have to take a step outside your front door to feel at peace. Taking a mindful stroll through a forested area or star gazing away from city lights or hearing the tranquil sounds of mountain streams can bring you balance and perspective and heal you in many ways. The fresh air can ease depression and promote better sleep.

  • Fresh air prevents respiratory diseases:

The cool and refreshing mountain air allows the dwellers to take a deep breath every time. The fresh, clean mountain air fosters health and wellness by providing an oxygen-rich treat to our lungs. It lowers the instances of asthma and assures fewer cases of acute respiratory symptoms. Lavenders that often grows at mountain base can lull you to better sleep and even ease depression.

So, living near mountains offers a wide variety of health benefits which consequently helps people to live a longer and fulfilled life. It is a different life than city but the pollution-free living, active lifestyle and living within tighter-knit communities can help you achieve the peace and comfort you have always been seeking.