How To Please Your Travel-Hungry Soul During Quarantine?

How many of us check the list of long weekends and holidays right after getting a new year calendar? Almost all of us, right? Travelling to places has become an indispensable part of our lives as we all want to break the monotony of chaotic urban life and escape to someplace else to reset ourselves. Travelling can be the ultimate joy ride where we are exposed to new types of people and different ways of living.People are now investing in second homes at their favourite travel destinations to experience a new way of living. At Panthaniwas, we receive many enquiries regarding flats near Chapramari Forest and Neora Valley as nature lovers want to own a home and explore the jungle in their way in such areas.

But all the travel plans got disrupted by the unfortunate spread of the pandemic Covid19 across the world. As governments step up their plans to contain the spread of this deadly disease and flatten the curve of transmission, almost the whole world started practising self-isolation. We are now trapped at home and longing for this quarantine period to get over. However, despite the doom and gloom in the news, you can utilize this self-isolation period in a productive way. If you think boredom is hitting you hard at home, we have got the perfect plan to nurture the travel bug within you sitting at home.

  1. Watch travel-based movies:
    Movies can be your trustworthy quarantine companion. Turn away from depressing news on TV or social media news feeds and binge-watch on your favourite travel flicks. We often get inspired to travel to somewhere just because we saw it in a movie. There are some great travel movies made in Hollywood and Bollywood with inspiring storyline and incredible photography and screenplay. Some might motivate you to pack your bags once the lockdown period is over.
  2. Cook delicacies of your favourite destinations:
    Goa plan cancelled? Console yourself with some mouth-watering Goan fish curry. Trip to Rajasthan got postponed? Learn to cook Dal Bati Churma. Missing Italian cheese-burst pizza or crunchy French croissant? Here is your chance to upgrade your culinary skills by making them at home. Get the holiday feels by creating a storm in the kitchen and preparing a sumptuous dish belonging to your upcoming holiday destination. Take help from the internet and get ready to experiment with your favourite cuisines.
  3. Make a cultural trip:
    With plenty of leisure time at hand, plan a cultural trip to the various corners of the world, virtually of course! World’s famous artists, museums and galleries are rolling out some impressive digital initiatives like virtual tours and cultural programs to satisfy your cultural cravings during this prolonged quarantine period. Discovering the cultural offerings across the world will be a classy way of spending your free time.
  4. Rekindle travel memories:
    How about taking a nostalgic trip with the travel photos you clicked through the
    years? Beautiful places and beautiful experiences – the travel photos will make you appreciate all the memories you had of your last travels. It’s time to organize them in an album or in your computer after managing some disk space. Share the pictures with your friends and families and be assured you’ll have a gala time discussing them and recollecting the memories. Try writing a travelogue or making a blog. You can also try preserving the memories in scrapbooks like we all used to do in childhood.
  5. Make fresh itineraries:
    During this prolonged self-isolation period, it’s easy to fall prey of depression, anxiety and loneliness. However, it must be remembered that it is not the end of the world. Things might seem a bit messy now but ‘this shall pass too.’ Create a fresh bucket list of places you want to visit once this phase is over. Start doing your research when you have time so that you can directly jump to book tickets and hotels when things get normal.