Neora Valley: A Naturalists’ Paradise

The Darjeeling district includes Kalimpong, which is home to the Neora Valley National Park. During the year 1986, the National Park was established. It is presently a vibrant tourist hotspot for West Bengal after thirty years. It’s one of Northeast India’s biologically the richest zones and has a total land area of more than 159.89 sq. km.

The charming red panda,  the musk deer, the clouded leopard, and a wide variety of flora and animals may all be found in the park’s natural setting. Wildlife enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts will find it to be nothing short of heaven. Neora Valley National Park is one of those gems in the Dooars that you cannot pass over because of its bamboo groves, rugged terrain, flowing streams, and snow-capped hills.

Access Methods To Neora Valley National Park

The closest railhead, Darjeeling, is thirty km away. Bagdogra, which is 100 km from the region, is the closest airport. Buses are another option for travellers to travel to Kalimpong from Siliguri. It is 100 kilometres away. You may commute to Neora Valley National Park from Lava, which is 32 km away from Kalimpong. A village named Kolakham, located 10 km away from Lava, serves as the park’s entry. Around 83 km make up the entire trip. The National Park is reachable from Samsing.

Are Permits Required?

It is certainly necessary to have a permit to enter the park. It can be scheduled at the Lava or Samsing forest range offices. The entrance permit issuance procedure could take 2 to 3 hours. So it’s best to get started as soon as possible. In the spring and early summer, the procedure starts early, at about 6 a.m.

Attractions At The Neora Valley National Park

  • Wildlife And Flora

Sal trees, holly bushes, yew trees, oaks, bamboo, ferns, rhododendrons, orchids, hemlocks, ferns, rhododendrons,  strawberries, and several medicinal herbs may all be found in the parkland. Among the exotic species that live there are red pandas, Indian leopards, Royal Bengal Tigers, meerkats, wild pigs, golden cats, gorals, sambars, thars, and Himalayan flying squirrels. A wide range of other birds dwells here too, such as pheasants, woodpeckers, hawks, and many more.

  • The Changey Falls

The distance between Kolakham, the National Park’s entryway, and the Changey waterfalls is 4.5 kilometres. You will need to walk for about twenty minutes to reach the waterfall. Nevertheless, it will take around an hour if you drive. Request an SUV or Jeep from your tourist guide.

  • The Loleygaon and Lava

The Lava location is 10 kilometres from Neora National Park. Visit the Lava Monastery by making travel arrangements. You will arrive in Loleygaon if you can travel another 22 km. Visit this forest and have a wander.

Where To Stay?

Although there are many places to stay in Lava, staying close to the park area provides a unique flavour. After all, you’ll awaken to the sound of birds chirping and stunning vistas of Kanchenjunga. There are plenty of studio apartments for sale in Dooars from Panthaniwas. A stunning real estate property at Dooars from Panthaniwas can be purchased so that you can take your family and friends there frequently.