Reasons why Shantiniketan can be an ideal place for a peaceful life after retirement

It is a general mindset and expectation that life after retirement will be slow paced, peaceful and comparatively more comfortable. People in India usually plan well in advance to enjoy this life after retirement and take concrete action to ensure that they can enjoy this lifestyle.

Panthaniwas is a beautiful residential complex in the heart of Shantiniketan where the elderly can have the perfect life after retirement. Over 550 happy families are already enjoying a beautiful life in these apartments in Shantiniketan. Many families from Kolkata and other areas of West Bengal are also quite excited about embarking on their second innings of life after retirement here. In fact, there is an increased preference for apartments like Panthaniwas in Shantiniketan amongst the elderly owing to the following reasons:

Comforting environment:

Despite the commercialization that is engulfing every city, village and town today, Shantiniketan still retains its rustic charm. The balmy weather, myriads of shady and flowering trees, the vast open fields, the Sonajhuri forest, the music of the Bauls and the lazy Kopai River together make up the perfect environs of Shantiniketan. Most people shift to Shantiniketan after retirement to bask in the beautiful and healing aura of the place and live out the remaining years of their life in absolute contentment.

Laid back lifestyle:

Unlike the urban metropolises where people are always trying to outdo each other, Shantiniketan has a peaceful and laid back lifestyle. Apparently, most people come here to enjoy a peaceful life after having enjoyed all the success and glory in life, and this neighborhood never fails to offer that stability and calm. Many retired top government officials and corporate head honchos can thus be seen enjoying their morning walks or soiling their hands in the garden all around the residential areas of Shantiniketan.

Civic Amenities:

Although a small town, Shantiniketan has all the civic amenities that people would need to live a comfortable life. Right from health centers to various government offices, the residents can easily get access to all civic amenities. Additionally, this place also has good drainage and waste management systems along with uninterrupted power and water supply. These ensure that the elderly can live a comfortable life here without any hassle.

Art and culture:

Music, art and culture have unimaginable healing powers and people living here get to enjoy these in their finest forms. While the annual Poush Mela offers a musical extravaganza of sorts, people can always enjoy musical soirees organized by various groups in different parts of Shantiniketan. People looking to immerse themselves in music, art and poetry after retirement will find just the right avenues and people here to share their passion.

Overall Safety and Security:

The residents of Shantiniketan enjoy a peaceful and secured life as petty thefts and robberies are mostly unheard of here. Many people here have big houses that remain unoccupied for most part of the year but no damage is ever done to the property. Senior citizens are especially quite safe here as the community altogether cares and watches out for its people.

Community Life:

Whether you live in apartments in Bolpur or in a bungalow close to the university campus, as a resident of the place you become a member of the close knit community of Shantiniketan by default. Community life here is nothing less than awesome as every locality, apartment complex and neighborhood comes together to celebrate and be a part of the festivals that are unique to the place. Right from religious festivals like Durga Puja to those like Dol Utshob and Barsha Baran, every event is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm here and every member of the community is involved in the festivities. Apart from those led and organized by the University, the festivities organized in apartment complexes like Panthaniwas are equally grand and perfect for people who want to enjoy life to the fullest.

Shantiniketan is equal parts peaceful and exciting which is just what people in the prime of their lives need in order to step out of bed every day. This place, just like Tagore’s poetry, gives a new meaning to life to every individual and this is perhaps the reason why so many people are eager to settle down here after retirement.