Rural living in Shantiniketan – how can it benefit you?

With red soil, melody of Baul song and fields wrapped in greenery – Shantiniketan is undoubtedly a quality place to live in. Peaceful and enchanting – the unique mystical charm of Shantiniketan has been attracting tourists for eternity. As city and suburban life is getting increasingly costly, loud and stress-inducing – urban dwellers are looking for something more permanent than a gateway.

Panthaniwas, the tallest project in Birbhum offers studio apartments in Shantiniketan. Here you can adore the beauty of Shantiniketan from bird’s eye view while enjoying modern facilities. With remote working becoming a viable option for many people now, homeowners are eager to relocate further away from crowded cities. Basking in the glory of cultural extravaganza and intellectualism, owning a home at Shantiniketan will take you to an unplugged world where there aren’t any distractions—just you, your family and nature!

Benefits of living in rural area:

Panthaniwas Shantiniketan is located in Daronda, near Illambazar which is around 17km away from the heart of Bolpur. Let’s see what it has to offer:

  1. Serene location:

In a city, it is hard to expect a vast skyline where the rays of the sun etch beautiful patterns outside the window. Panthaniwas is surrounded by paddy fields and verdant greens that provide you a spectacular view every time you look outside the window. With fewer properties around, you can stay close to nature and let the natural melodies soothe your senses every day.

  • Peace & quiet:

If you desire to exchange hustle and bustle for peace and quiet, then Panthaniwas is the right property to invest in. Sitting in the studio apartments in Shantiniketan, you can easily escape the chaos and noise of the main Bolpur city. Take a deep breath and listen to wind rustling through trees or chirping of the birds. The presence of white noise will definitely bring the much needed peace and calm to your mind.

  • Clean air, clean living:

Fresh air and clean roads are often a fantasy in densely populated cities. The surroundings of Panthaniwas have a lower level of pollution and cleaner locale due to the presence of trees and grass. Less cars and traffic on the road ensure better air quality which means you can breathe fresh air, enjoy striking sunsets and stare at amazing night skies full of glistening stars.

Additionally, the presence of agricultural lands around it ensures easy access to fresh vegetables and grains. This leads to lesser health issues. That’s why eating good and living good is synonymous.

Rural living with modern amenities:

Modern living in rural setting – staying at Panthaniwas, Shantiniketan means you can enjoy the benefits of both the worlds. Living in a peaceful environment with all the modern amenities and comfort is a great way to live a good life. Factors like living closely to nature, less pollution, clean air, reduced noise, serene surroundings – lead to less stress. Outdoor activities like fishing, jogging or cycling in a clean road will obviously help you to become a healthier version of yourself which is a necessity to live a long, fulfilling life.