Small Hamlets Around Panthaniwas to Spend Quality Time With Nature

When the whole world is trying to fight the pandemic blues by making travel plans to nearby places yet worrying about the safety and hygiene, why not own your personal escapade within the lap of Himalayas? Panthaniwas offering studio apartments near Chalsa View Point can be your home where you can always have access for a stress-free holiday without having any full proof itinerary. And there are plenty of places to explore around Panthaniwas.

The pandemic is still far from being over and exotic international travel destinations still have to wait. Short weekend trips to drive-down destinations have been a rage among travel hungry souls who love to soak in the bliss of nature or explore people and culture of places. North Bengal is mostly known for majestic hills and lush forests. However, there are small hamlets within reserve forest areas in Dooars, Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts that are explored by the tourists who are in search of retirement from the maddening crowd and wish to dwell amidst the nurturing soul of nature.

Forest dwellers living in these hamlets joined hands to initiate community-based tourism to improve their socio-economic condition. Tourists can stay in the homes of the forest dwellers, enjoy the local cuisine and witness their lifestyle and culture at close quarters. Owning a luxury apartment at Panthaniwas near Murti River means all these serene hamlets will be within close driving distance. If you are in search of peaceful bliss of nature, here are some offbeat idyllic forest villages to explore in Dooars:


Bindu valley is situated between India and Bhutan and the last settlement of Darjeeling district. Take yourself away from the rambunctious city life right into the lap of nature. Though famous for its cardamom plantations, this quaint village is also known for lush tea gardens, the glorious sight of the tropical dense forests and migratory water fowls from Central Asia and Ladakh. Bindu located at 13 K.M away from Jhalong, which is another ideal location to spend some leisurely time in relishing the nature’s beauty, situated on the banks of River Jaldhaka.

2. Rocky Island:

Rocky Island is a picturesque destination situated along the bank of meandering Murti river where one can get an excellent view of river surrounded by forest. The small hamlet is endowed with an abundance of natural rock hence the name Rocky Island. If you are up for some adventure, this place is a favoured destination for partaking in adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking, rappelling and camping. You can see the astounding views of flora and fauna on your journey towards Rocky Island where the road is full of pebbles and ends at the bridge over Murti. Rocky Island is a unique combination of serenity and thrill where you can spend a laid back weekend, camping along the bank of River Murti or explore astounding trekking routes for a surreal experience under the sky.

3. Loleygaon:

Loleygaon is a peaceful hamlet in the Kalimpong subdivision of Darjeeling District and situated within 3hrs driving distance from Panthaniwas. Loleygaon is situated in an extreme end of a Himalayan Ridge and a perfect destination for relaxation. The main attraction of Loleygaon is canopy walk where the hanging bridges, swinging continuously in the middle of the forest full of fir, oak, birch and cypress trees will let you view the beauty of the forest from a height. The lovely shine of Kanchenjunga during sunrise and sunset can be witnessed from Jhandi Dara. Tourists combine their trip to Loleygaon with Lava which is situated nearby. Common tourist destinations here include – Lava Monastery, Nature Interpretation Centre where you can have a glimpse of the local flora and fauna, Chhangey falls etc.

4. Latpanchar:

Nestled on the highest point of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and perched at an elevation of 4500ft, Latpanchar is a bird watcher’s paradise. It is a virgin hamlet offering a stunning view of Kanchenjunga, rich diversity of wildlife and enthralling natural beauty. Latpanchar is a less trodden forest village of Dooars where you will hardly find any tourist even during peak tourist season. This place has limited facilities and accommodations but will allow you to isolate yourself and cherish the much-needed quietude with a bounty full of nature. Walk through close to 1400 acres of Cinchona plantations which can be a thrilling yet pleasurable experience. Visit Ahal Dara View Point from where you can get a spectacular view of Kanchenjunga peaks. Latpanchar is home to the most elegant, colourful and endangered bird, like Rufous Necked Hornbill that migrated here from Nepal Hills due to climatic conditions.

5. Kumai:

Kumai is another scarcely populated sleepy hamlet which is an idyllic vacation spot for the bird watchers and nature admirers. Kumai is segregated into two divisions, the lower Kumai, known as NayaBasti and the Upper Kumai. The village can be reached through Chapramari forest and National Highway No. 31 and the road straight goes to Jhalong, Bindu. Throughout the journey, the beautiful scenic view of the vast Kumai tea garden on both its side will be a treat to your eyes. You can spot peacocks playing around and cunningly hiding themselves or the bright coloured Hornbill and many other unknown birds flying around which makes it a paradise for shutterbugs. Tourists also enjoy sightseeing at Halley viewpoint, Laliguras View Point, organic tea gardens, Kumai peak, Gudaray viewpoint, Buddhist stupa etc.


The idyllic hamlets in Dooars and North Bengal are perfect places to isolate yourself from the daily life and cherish a laid-back vacation while relishing the beauty of nature. Owning a home at Panthaniwas just makes taking a vacation easy!