Some Fantastic Décor Ideas for a Musician’s home in Shantiniketan

Musicians and artists, especially those from West Bengal invariably aspire to own a home in Shantiniketan. Music, art and poetry wafts in the air of this quaint neighborhood of Bolpur and every individual with a creative bent of mind wants to soak in the aura of the place. There is as such an incessant demand for good properties in and around Shantiniketan.

Panthaniwas is a residential township in the heart of Shantiniketan that offers the most affordably priced and well-appointed apartments in Bolpur. This gated colony has all modern amenities and offers a great community life to people who settle down here. Musicians, painters and artists have shown great enthusiasm in buying apartments here and have made the place their home.

Musicians who may have just bought a home here and are exploring various options for decorating their space may benefit from a few of these design ideas.

Make way for ample natural light

Nature is said to be a musician’s biggest inspiration and muse. It is as such important that you let ample natural light into your space. Use of picture windows and French windows along with mirrors in strategic locations can be quite effective in facilitating this aspect of the décor.

Carefully design the cabinetry: 

It is always best to create ample storage space for various musical instruments as a musician’s house invariably has more instruments than people. Cabinets of various sizes and shapes along with proper instrument hangers are a must in every musician’s house. And the cabinetry can be designed in such a manner that it looks like geometric patterns and adds to the cool quotient of the house.

Watch out for the Wall Décor:

A musician’s apartment in Shantiniketan should have the right wall décor too. While a huge poster of Rabindranath Tagore is a must, various musical decals and music themed wall papers can adorn the walls to make the space livelier. Wall mounted instrument stands in strategic places proudly showcasing some beautiful instruments can certainly add to the overall look and feel of the place.

Comfortable and cozy furniture: 

A musician always needs a comfortable space where he/she can be relaxed both mentally and physically while creating the masterpieces. As such, plush sofas, window seats with soft throws, a well carpeted floor and an ergonomically designed chair are a must in such a home. Many musicians, especially those who play the Indian classical music or various ancient instruments like the Veena prefer to have antique furniture in their space so they can get the right vibes.

A space for performances: 

A musician’s house, especially one in Shantiniketan is often a preferred place for various musical soirees. As such, the house should have a dedicated space for performances. Depending on the kind of music that is often played, heard and discussed in these gatherings, the stage can be suitably set. For instance, if most evenings are dedicated to Ghazals or Rabindra sangeet, the stage can be a simple divan or even a mattress on the floor with a neatly placed cover and some white bolsters. If its rock, pop and jazz that is often played, a drum set along with guitars and Ukeleles can be placed in a strategic corner to create the stage.

A Musician’s den should double up as his/her home, creative space as well as studio. It is as such extremely important that the space also has the right kind of noise insulation and other technological inclusions so there is absolutely no disturbance in the process of conceiving, conceptualizing, making and recording good music.