Unique handicrafts that people love to collect from Shantiniketan

People living in Shantiniketan are not just proud of their way of life and the specialty of this place, they also treasure it dearly. As such, even the apartments in Shantiniketan are built keeping these surreal charms alive. Panthaniwas is one such beautiful residential complex that is located amidst verdant surroundings and is sustainably built keeping the biodiversity of the place in mind. Also, Shantiniketan being one of those places where art thrives in every corner, the residential complex too does not fail to imbibe the beauty of indigenous creations.

Be it in the form of sculptures, music, dance or paintings, there is some or the other form of expression of art in every corner of this beautiful neighborhood. Be it the creations of the local artisans or the students at Visva Bharati, literally every piece of handicraft created here is worth treasuring. Perhaps, this is why the Sonajhuri Haat or the annual Poush Mela never sees a decline in the number of visitors. Amongst the many different forms of handicraft that can be seen here, here’s an overview on some that never fail to catch the eye.

Hand Painting: People keep coming back to Shantiniketan in order to replenish their stocks of beautiful hand-painted clothes that one can only get here. Right from cotton sarees and kurtas to modern day Indo-Western dresses, in the bazaars of Shantiniketan you can find the most unique dresses with unmatched artwork done on them. In fact, boutiques in Kolkata and other such places literally thrive on such unique products sourced from Shantiniketan. If you decide to settle down in Shantiniketan you too can build a successful business online by selling such unique works of art sourced from the local artisans.

Batik: An art form that the Tagore brought to Shantiniketan all the way from Java in Indonesia flourished in Shantiniketan under the Nobel laureate’s patronage and even spread all the way to Gujrat, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. And today you can not only find beautiful clothes in Batik print all over Shantiniketan, you can see the art form even on designer clutches, hand bags, professional file covers and more.

Shantiniketan leather: Another popular item that you can find all over Shantiniketan is the leather accessories. Shantiniketan leather is unique and affordable and hand bags, purses, wallets etc. made from this leather are highly sought after. Not only do these products have a great market value within Bengal, they are also exported all over the world and are even sold at exorbitant prices in many emporiums and exhibitions. Apart from the fact that these accessories are sustainably made, their unique designs depicting animals, humans and nature in their rustic forms make them so different from other leather items.

Kantha Stitch: You can never fathom what amazing works of art can be created with simple running stitches unless you see a saree embroidered with Kantha stitches. Kantha stitch embroidery which is done by many artisans in and around Bolpur has made a mark in the international garments industry too. This form of art has not only given Bengal a unique recognition, it has even changed the lives of over 2000 women artisans from Nanoor who have dedicated their lives to this art.

Apart from these art forms, there is Dokra, Bamboo weaving, Wire twisting, Appliqué, Ajrakh and so many more others that manifest in beautiful forms in the hands of the crafts men of Shantiniketan. What is most impressive though is the increasing emphasis on creating artifacts from waste and the craftsmen in Shantiniketan have mastered this art too. Be it in the SonaJhuri Haat or the Poush Mela, or the regular markets, people can get the most amazing and unique table lamps, key holders, jewelry boxes and such other products of daily use made from up-cycled products and given shape solely by the maker’s creativity.

There is so much to learn and do in Shantiniketan that people living here literally do not feel the need to explore any other place. Perhaps, this why more and more people with a creative bent of mind and love for art are increasingly investing in apartments in Shantiniketan. If you too are someone who loves to stay connected to the roots and incorporate the vivid elements of art and culture in your living space, Panthaniwas is just the place for you.