Vacation Homes Might Become A Necessity In The Aftermath of Covid-19: What Will Change?

We are in the fourth phase of lockdown and still, your next holiday probably seems like a lifetime away. The nations around the globe and even states within the countries have shut their borders to try to stave off the spread of COVID-19. The global pandemic has brought the entire planet to a standstill and travel industry is probably among the worst-hit sectors. As the economy will slowly recover, the uncertainty will continue to haunt us for quite a few months. It will take time for the industry to revive itself and emerge from the rubble. But one thing is going to happen for sure, the travel industry will drastically evolve.

For the next few months, global tourism is certainly out of bounds. People will likely to choose destinations close to their home from where they can rush back if necessary. Experts predict that people now will choose their accommodation differently where the topmost priority will be – safety. Vacation homes are one of the few investments that offer both personal and financial rewards. And after the pandemic disaster, it is an established fact that owning an apartment to your favourite holiday destination is way better than dealing with the uncertainties of living in hotels. Panthaniwas is offering studio apartments in Dooars where you can go for a vacation without being worried about the hygiene measures and surged cost of accommodation.

What changes can we expect?

Firstly, tourists are going to choose the accommodation that is centrally located, so that people spend less time in public transportation getting from one place to the next. Secluded boutique properties away from crowded cities with serene and peaceful natural surrounding and will attract tourists. Usual practices at buffet meals, pools, bars and beaches will be changed completely.

Secondly, sanitization and hygiene factors will be the new security. People will be willing to stay in accommodations where they will feel confident about cleanliness and sanitization. Contact-free check-ins and room access, enhanced disinfecting protocols, increased sanitizing tools for guests, health precautions for hotel staffs – all these will be the topmost priority that hotels and various accommodations need to address.

Thirdly, flight ticket prices may go up to maintain social distancing norms. It is predicted that the classic road trips will make a comeback as people will start travelling to close destinations where they can reach by driving their own private vehicles.

Fourthly, being locked down within the four-walls for a long time people are really craving to return to nature in its most pristine forms. Secluded places with incredible natural beauty will be the first preference for trips post the pandemic. The demand for responsible tourism will increase as we have all felt the need for co-existence and protection of nature more than ever.

Why vacation homes are the future?

Owning vacation homes is the latest travel trend. Vacation homes allow people to diversify their income, build wealth, plan for retirement, and, of course, take a vacation
at no extra cost. Panthaniwas is offering real estate property at Dooars that will let the home buyers take easy, affordable vacations in their own home without worrying about the hygiene, safety and other uncertainties.

Buying a home in an offbeat location and choosing to rent it out, can create a new, short-term rental revenue stream. Millennials are now buying vacation homes while still renting where they live. It’s mostly because cities are getting absurdly expensive. They want to enjoy the perks of owning a property along with a permanent excuse to go on a vacation. Vacation home is also a great investment as it might become the potential forever home after retirement. Escaping to a home surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers after retirement is desirable for people from every generation. Staying in their own home while off for a holiday can help them explore the culture and lifestyle of the places better.

With a vacation home, it will be easy to block out time and quickly escape to beautiful places leaving behind the chaos of urban life.