Escape to Dooars: Panthaniwas Luxury Apartments Await

Are you yearning for an escape to the serene beauty of Dooars, where lush greenery, misty forests, and the Himalayas beckon you? Imagine owning a piece of this paradise, where you can retreat whenever you wish. Panthaniwas, the luxury apartment near Lataguri, offers you this opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and embrace a tranquil existence surrounded by nature’s wonders.

Apartments Near Lataguri: A Sweet Slice of Dooars

Panthaniwas, a prime property for sale in Dooars, represents the signature of your success. It’s more than just an apartment; it’s a retreat that contributes to your well-being. Picture yourself taking morning walks through misty forests, with unexpected elephant guests in your front yard. Imagine sipping tea in a tea garden practically attached to the project. This is the life that Panthaniwas offers—a pollution-free second home where you can escape to Gorumara Forest, Rocky Island, Suntalekhola, and more whenever you need a break.

Embrace the Himalayan Experience

Panthaniwas is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, where jungles and streams merge, and free-roaming animals are your neighbours. In Gorumara Forest, you might come across the one-horned Rhino or elephants passing by carelessly. Sipping tea in a tea garden almost attached to the project becomes a part of your daily routine. And the joy of spotting the mammoth tip of the Kanchenjunga glowing in the mists, fog, and clouds is unparalleled.

A Range of Apartments to Suit Your Preferences

Panthaniwas offers studio apartments priced between Rs. 14,00,000 to Rs. 16,00,000 and luxury apartments priced between Rs. 18,00,000 to Rs. 20,00,000. Both price ranges are including GST & all other costs. These apartments provide you with the comfort and luxury you deserve in the heart of nature.Amenities to Enrich Your Lifestyle

Panthaniwas presents a wide array of amenities designed to enhance your lifestyle:

The Green for Life

Residents have access to beautifully landscaped green areas adorned with matured trees, offering a peaceful environment for relaxation and strolls. For our senior residents, there’s an exclusive corner designed to cater to their unique needs and preferences. The property boasts theme parks that add a touch of wonder and delight to your daily life. A lush green lawn provides a serene space for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Indulge in Fun Activities

Enjoy refreshments and socialize at the pool bar, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Stay active with a dedicated jogging track that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Children have their own play area where they can frolic and have fun. Stroll along the picturesque riverside boulevard and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings. Take a dip in the inviting swimming pool to refresh your senses.

The Space for Knowledge & Sharing

A well-stocked library provides a quiet escape for book lovers. The AC banquet hall is ideal for hosting events and gatherings. Indulge in recreational activities at the games zone. Comfortable AC guest rooms are available for visitors. Find your exclusive hangout spot at the Adda Zone.

The Dose of Entertainment

Enjoy open-air entertainment at the amphitheatre. Savour delectable meals at the on-site restaurant. Access a dedicated travel desk for your convenience.

These amenities are designed to enhance your lifestyle and create a truly enjoyable living experience at Panthaniwas, Dooars.

Escape today

Own your share of this breathtaking paradise at Panthaniwas, the best luxury property for sale in Dooars, and make nature a part of your everyday life. Explore more about these luxurious apartments near Lataguri here.