How to remotely buy a real estate property in Dooars

Gone are the days when buying property meant several visits to the project location, a cartload of paperwork and endless meetings with the lawyers. Along with everything else that is nowadays done remotely, even property purchases can now be done remotely. 

Making the most of this facility, many people are now buying Real Estate Property at Dooars, Shantiniketan with mainly two different purposes – to buy a home away from home in a rustic location, and to invest wisely in real estate projects. In fact, now that people are remotely buying properties for Sale in Dooars and other tourist places with a plan of visiting the place once or twice a year, real estate companies are offering customized solutions to help facilitate the same. 

For instance, Sree Balaji Group, which is a reputed real estate company, now offers systematic maintenance services in the absence of the owners in Panthaniwas which is one of their prime properties in the heart of the Dooars. Services such as these as well as facilities like online notarization have given home buyers the confidence to make remote purchases. 

Technology, on the other hand, has made purchasing property remotely quite easy. And if you are looking forward to buying real estate property at Dooars in a state-of-art residential complex like Panthaniwas, you must follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure that the whole process is carried out smoothly.

Look for the right place

Before remotely buying a property for sale in Dooars, you must first be very sure about the place where you want to buy it. For instance, if you want to buy a property in a popular tourist place, you must decide on the exact location. While determining the location, you must keep the following factors in mind:

  • Ease of communication with the project’s location
  • The area’s socio-political condition
  • The region’s weather conditions all year round
  • Accessibility to the area

In order to finalize the real estate property at Dooars in which you would invest, you must try to follow the local news of the area, read reviews about the place as well as join forums and take part in discussions related to property trends of the area.

Look for the Right Property

After deciding which place to buy your real estate property at Dooars, you must also start looking for a project that meets your expectations. The project should have well-appointed residential units with options for studio apartments as well as 1 and 2-BHK apartments. The residential project should also have various lifestyle amenities like gyms, children’s parks, clubhouses etc. 

Since you will be carrying out the whole process remotely, you must ensure that the real estate company whose project you are investing in is also willing to cooperate with you. The builder should have a dedicated sales manager or POC who can help with all the paperwork and communicate via emails and phone calls. The sales manager should also be willing to answer queries and send photographs or show the property on video call as and when required. 

Additionally, since you may not be staying in this real estate property at Dooars all year long, the company should have provisions in place to ensure that the property is regularly maintained in the absence of the owners.

Due Diligence

This is a crucial step in the remote home-buying process. You must be very careful with the selection of the lawyer before handing over the work. Many times, remote buyers are deliberately given incomplete information in order to carry out the sales. However, such things can always be avoided if a trustworthy lawyer is chosen and the buyer also has his/her own resources to vet whatever is being said. 

The lawyer or law firm helping with the legal procedures should also be proactive in sending the documents for signatures and producing them to the authorities in a timely manner. This stage requires a complete team effort and reputed builders are always proactive in helping the remote buyers with the final transaction.

Parting Words

In today’s digital age, remotely buying a real estate property at Dooars is no hassle at all. As long as the buyer is well aware of the pitfalls and knows how to navigate through them with the intelligent use of technology and PR skills, he/she can always go ahead with a remote property purchase.