Murti River, an enchanting weekend destination in Dooars

Murti is located between the Chapramari forest and Gorumara National Park. There is no wonder why Murti is one of the most famous spots in Dooars. Murti allows you to explore the interior of Gorumara Park. Panjhora river of Dooars is only a short walk away is on the other side of the river. During the winter, the banks of Murti and Panjhora become popular picnic spots in the Dooars. Murti, which lies in the dense forests of the Dooars region, is one of the most picturesque places in India. A shimmering stream from the Murti River makes this place even more appealing to tourists travelling to Dooars. In North Bengal, Murti is a must-visit tourist destination because of its picturesque landscape.

Attractions around Murti River

Bathing in the Murti River is a popular activity in Murti, and it provides an once-in-a-lifetime experience. While Murti’s water has a strong undercurrent, the level of water is only a few inches underneath the chest, making it extremely safe. Also, worth noting is the fact that there are several wonderful spots for travelers to explore while in Murti.

Bindu, Jhalong, Jaldhaks, Samsing, and other sites near the Murti river basin are great places to visit. Also, because of its proximity to the Gorumara National Park, travelers are strongly encouraged to explore this lush Dooars National Park during their stay in Murti. Visitors can visit nearby quirky Dooars attractions such as Jhalong, Bindu, and Paren while vacationing in Murti. Murti’s prominent tourist destinations include Samsing, Suntaleykhola, and a few more spots such as Mouchuki, which indicate the edges of other forests such as Neora Valley N.P. The Murti River’s banks are also a serene spot where tourists may relax and unwind.

When is the ideal time to go to Dooars to see Murti River?

One should visit Murti from mid-October until mid-March. Water from Central Asia and Ladakh migrates along the riverbanks of Murti during the winter months. The reserve forests of Dooars remain closed from 15th June to 15th September during the rainy season, opening again by the middle of September.

What is the best way to reach Murti?

The New Jalpaiguri railway station to Siliguri is barely 80 kilometres away, making it the most important railway station in North Bengal. The tourists, on the other hand, can get a bus to Murti directly from Chalsa station. Due to the scarcity of trains reaching Chalsa, arriving at New Jalpaiguri station is recommended. To reach Murti, you can hire a car at one of the nearby intersections.

Where should you stay if you’re visiting Murti of the Dooars?

Tourists visiting Murti in the Dooars have a variety of lodging alternatives. They can stay in Panthaniwas, one of the top luxury apartments near the Murti River. Panthaniwas is a popular destination since it allows you to own a piece of the Dooars that you may visit whenever you want. Panthaniwas provides the nicest studio flats in the Dooars, allowing you to spend your days visiting Gorumara Forest, Rocky Island, Suntalekhola, and other nearby attractions.