5 beautiful Himalayan villages in North Bengal you must explore

Last year when the pandemic hit us, the allure of popular hill stations like Darjeeling, Sikkim or Bhutan and other tourist spots on the plains failed to attract desired number of tourists even when the lockdown was lifted. However, there were some beautiful Himalayan villages that seen a spike of tourists who visited there to get healed by the mystic charm of the place and spend some days in solitude away from the crowd.

North Bengal is blessed with lush natural forests, soothing tea gardens crossed by meandering rivers dotted with several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. With an impressive Himalayan aura as a backdrop, the hills and valleys of West Bengal have provided some excellent hill stations.The inhabitants of these tiny Himalayan villages have lived a serene, insular life, not contaminated by external influences.There are many undiscovered treasures tucked in the deep recesses of the hills and mountains of North Bengal.By owning a studio apartment at Panthaniwas, Dooars you will be able to explore these offbeat places which tourists usually miss during their short trip.

If you love the aura of the mountains and beautiful starry skies, be sure to visit the top hill stations in West Bengal. Below is a list of the highest mountain stations in West Bengal that you should explore.

  1. Bindu:

This is a small village in the Himalayas known for its cardamom plantation. Panthaniwas offers luxury apartments near Murti River from where an hour’s drive can take you to Bindu, the last hamlet of West Bengal enclosed with the hills of Bhutan and India. Enjoy an incredible journey towards Bindu while travelling through the thick deciduous forest of Chapramari. Cuddle in the lap of nature, take a stroll in the secluded yet mystical village while spotting some rare birds, bask in soothing sight of lush green forest or just listen to the gushing sound of the flowing water – Bindu will heal you in most amazing ways.

  • Lamahata:

Lamahata is a beautiful forest area on the hillside steps, arranged for tourists to easily climb to the top. The name Lamahata probably means retreat for a lama (Buddhist monk). Lamahatais a beautiful tourist park surrounded by tall pine trees and outstanding views of the peaks and rivers. At the top of this park, there is a waterbody which is considered very sacred by the local people. Lamahata offers peace and quiet for the touristswho wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy natural solitude for some days.

  • Lava and Rishyap:

These two regions of the Himalayas are closely located and can be reached in no time. Both Lava & Rishyapare more than seven to eight thousand feet above sea level and are covered in lush greenery. They are tourist favorites as they offer a relaxing atmosphere as well as plenty of hiking opportunities. Lava has a beautiful monastery from where a picturesque view of Kanchenjunga can be seen. Tiffindara is a popular sunrise and sunset point that can be reached from both locations through dense forest. Guidance is mandatory during the trek as the area is infested with wildlife and can pose a risk to uninitiated.

  • Kurseong:

This misty hill station in West Bengal is known as the “land of white orchids” and is famous for its temples, churches and museums, which can make the holiday experience for tourists awe-inspiring and enchanting any time. There are temples in Kurseong that are home to 300year old idols of Hindu gods and famous historic schools set up during British colonial days. Apart from that, the countless tea gardens, different flora and fauna and bubbling waterfalls add to the beauty of Kurseong attracting tourists for eternity.

  • Lepchajagat:

In the word ‘Lepchajagat’, “Jagat” actually means “world” and Lepcha is the name of the tribe. Lepchajagat is a small village at an altitude of 2,953 meters and only 19 kilometers from Darjeeling. If you are a nature lover and looking for a romantic getaway for a few days, Lepchajagat is a great place for you. This place has a dense forest area filled with conifers such as pine, oak and rhododendron. Coupled with the beautiful views of the Kanchenjunga peaks and the amazing bird life and serenity that will wake you up, this place will bring you immense peace and solitude your mind crave for.