5 things to consider before buying a vacation home

Have you ever dream of having a permanent place in your favourite holiday destination? Some vacation spots charm us so well that they run through our mind like a non-stop loop and we wish we could escape there anytime we want and live there as long as we please. Researches show there is a surge in searches for second homes during and post the pandemic. For city dwellers, it’s no longer a luxury but a necessity as they realize going on impromptu holidays will take some time as things are still uncertain. Additionally, trusting accommodations like hotels, guest houses with proper sanitization is difficult.

Dooars has always been one of the top holiday destinations for the people n Bengal and beyond. Panthaniwas offers real estate property at Dooars for those who wished for a vacation home near verdant forests and mountain vistas all their life but didn’t consider it seriously because they thought it will be too expensive. The studio apartments near Gorumara National Forest are offered at an incredibly affordable price tag with all the luxury amenities you wished for in your vacation home.

However, people often jump into buying vacation home impulsively. Being the pioneer of offering affordable vacation home, let us guide you through some important factors to consider before you plunk down your hard-earned money or sign on the dotted line for that dream of a lifetime.

Figure out your budget:

Before you begin your search for a vacation home, take time to review your finances and determine a budget that you know you can afford. Considering only the cost of the property is not enough. You should also consider additional taxes, insurance, utility charges along with other items you may need such as furnishings or decorations. Don’t get carried away with the look and feel of the home but stick to your budget always while looking for a vacation home.

Evaluate the location:

Where do you like to go for a vacation? If you want to spend your holidays in peace and quiet in the midst of soothing greens where your privacy is a top priority – then Panthaniwas’s studio apartments near Gorumara National Forest will be ideal for you. You can go to plenty of offbeat places from here. Be it majestic mountains or beautiful streams – you have plenty of places to explore nearby. While buying a vacation home, you must consider a place that does not experience severe weather. Choose a location not only in terms of real estate market value but determining amenities that are important to you.

Consider the purpose:

Think about why do you want to buy a vacation home in the first place – is it merely for investment purpose or you want to spend your holidays there at least once a year or is it going to be your permanent address post-retirement. This will narrow your search to types of properties suitable to you before investing in one. If you plan to go there occasionally by road, a car-parking must be there. The vacation home must provide all the comforts that fit your lifestyle.

Think about transportation:

It is very crucial to determine how you’re going to visit your vacation home. You shouldn’t invest in a property that won’t get used often because it is located in a remote area that is very difficult to reach. If you live in Kolkata, Panthaniwas Dooars can be reached through road, flight, train and bus. You just have to choose your preferred mode of transport.

Consider Maintenance:

When it’s a vacation home, it is understandable that it will remain vacant most of the time in a year. So, you must make proper arrangements to protect it from break-ins, theft, and vandalism. Choose a property where you will have the assurance of adequate security. Panthaniwas provides systematic maintenance service in absence of the owner along with 24×7 CCTV surveillance so that you don’t have to lose your sleep worrying about your property.