Living in Shantiniketan- A Magical Experience

Shantiniketan has always been a place that resonates with the cultural ethos of West Bengal. Local residents and people from all over the world have been deeply attached to this heritage town which bears the massive legacy of none other than Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Naturally, with widespread infrastructural development over the years, Shantiniketan has transformed rapidly into a coveted housing destination as well. There has always been demand for property in Shantiniketan including apartments and bungalows. This has been majorly due to the open spaces and greenery engulfing the town along with its cultural and natural landmarks and overall atmosphere. 

This demand has been amplified by the improving connectivity throughout the town and its surrounding areas in addition to swift development of civic and social infrastructure. Shantiniketan today has leading educational institutions to add to Visva Bharati in addition to healthcare institutions, shopping complexes, eateries and all other necessary facilities. Most people in West Bengal and the capital city of Kolkata have always had an affinity towards Shantiniketan. This has further been accentuated by the fact that notable icons have had their residences here over the years. Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen has his home here while several icons and legends have stayed here or come down here periodically. In this context, investing in apartments in Shantiniketan or even apartments can be a good decision from multiple perspectives. 

Living in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Buying property in Shantiniketan becomes an even more magical journey since the town has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The announcement was made sometime earlier by the authorities and the news delighted the entire country which had tried for a long time to attain this honour for the cultural site in the district of Birbhum. The final decision to add Shantiniketan to this list was implemented at the World Heritage Committee’s 45th session that took place in Saudi Arabia. Conservation architect Abha Narain Lambah also played a significant role in creating the dossier for including the town in the list. Work began on the same in 2009 although it took several years for the dream to become a reality. 

Shantiniketan has a chequered history that makes it special. This famous university town is just around 160 kilometres away from Kolkata. It was originally built as an Ashram by Rabindranath Tagore’s father, Maharshi Debendranath Tagore. Any individual, irrespective of creed or caste, could come down to the Ashram and meditate on the one Supreme God as per the official description of the place on the UNESCO World Heritage Centre website. Debendranath Tagore was one of the most acclaimed figures of the Renaissance in India and built several iconic structures here including the Santiniketan Griha and also the Mandir or temple where non-denominational worship is practiced. Both the structures are fundamental to Shantiniketan and its universal philosophies. His son, legendary Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore founded Visva-Bharati University which became a central university and institution of national importance as per a Parliament Act in 1951. 

It is today one of the country’s most reputed universities, offering degree courses in several disciplines like social sciences, humanities, fine arts, sciences, music, education, performing arts, rural reconstruction and agricultural science.  It is West Bengal’s only central university with the Prime Minister of India as its Chancellor. 

Investing in Shantiniketan Real Estate

Buying apartments or bungalows in Shantiniketan from a reputed brand like Panthaniwas is always a good idea. Not only will living here be a unique experience, but these projects will also offer top-notch amenities and facilities that make life more memorable for residents. Be it a second home, retirement home, investment home or even a primary residence, Panthaniwas offers properties in Shantiniketan that are wonderful choices for buyers in almost every age group and segment. 

At the same time, living here will undoubtedly be memorable, since several attractions will be located nearby. Imagine being able to visit the Kankalitala and Tarapith Sakti Peethas anytime you wish, since they are both accessible from Shantiniketan. At the same time, there is always the allure of the weekly Khowai Haat which takes place every Saturday, along with attractions like Amar Kutir, Kopai River Bank, Kenduli-Jaydev on the Ajay River Bank, Sriniketan and more. The university campus and its attractions will always be accessible if you stay in Bolpur while you can also enjoy access to healthcare, education, petrol pumps, markets, ATMs, banks, shopping centres and all other facilities nearby in the bustling part of the town. Price appreciation has also been handsome over the years due to steady demand. Land prices have skyrocketed today, earning owners attractive returns on their initial investments. The hospitality sector has also done remarkably well in Shantiniketan. Several hotels and resorts have come up throughout the town and its surroundings while major apartment and real estate projects have also been built. Restaurants like Bonolokkhi and Barishaler Rannaghar have also been a hot favourite for tourists and locals alike. 

Does it not make for a compelling proposition? Invest in Shantiniketan real estate today and build a home in the heart of Bengal’s biggest cultural hotspot. It promises to be an experience like no other while being a great investment for the future as well.