Enjoying the Poush Mela in Shantiniketan

Bolpur is one of the best places to visit these days for those who are culture aficionados and also people looking to invest in residential apartments in Shantiniketan. The town is centrally connected to almost all leading landmarks in the area while offering good social and civic infrastructure alongside. 

Many people look for apartments near Biswabharati Bolpur since they desire pollution-free and serene lifestyles away from the city’s hustle and bustle. On that note, here is a closer look at one of Shantiniketan’s best events which is held in the winter season, namely the Poush Mela. 

Poush Mela Guide for Visitors

If you are in Bolpur during the winter, then you should not miss a trip to the Poush Mela. It is one of the biggest events every year and pays tribute to the occasion when Maharshi Debendranath Tagore along with twelve others, embraced the Brahmo sect. It is held on the 7th day of the Bengali month of Poush. The fair assimilates various special traditions and cultures while offering a mix of performances, food, celebrations, and more. 

The Poush Mela will be organized between the 24th and 28th of December this year. The fair took place for three days every year till 2017 although the duration was increased to six days later. However, even though the three-day deadline remains in place this year, several stalls may remain even after the fair gets over. The fair is expected to start with the inauguration ceremony of the Poush Utsav. Some earlier traditions include the playing of the Shehnai at sunrise while the Vaitalik group walks around the ashram and sings songs thereafter. A prayer meeting takes place afterwards at Chhatimtala while the inauguration takes place afterwards. 

What You Can Expect

During the Poush Mela, you can expect to enjoy traditional Baul music and other performances throughout the fair grounds. The tribal and folk cultures of the region are showcased intricately at the fair. It takes place on a bigger scale with innumerable stalls selling everything from fabrics and traditional handicrafts to much more. There is also huge demand for accommodation in Shantiniketan during this period. 

Folk dances and music characterize the fair along with tribal sports as well. Tourists pour in for shopping and enjoying the cultural performances at this time. Toys and other items are major attractions along with Bishnupur terracotta, local handicrafts, leatherwork, and a lot more. Rides are also available for children along with delicious candy. Local artisans are an integral part of the fair while there are several culinary treats available including chops and cutlets along with sweets and more. 

At the start of its journey, the fair was organized in the ground right opposite to the Brahmo temple, since it marked its establishment anniversary. Yet, with the passage of time, the visitor count went up considerably and hence the ground was inadequate to accommodate everyone. Hence, the venue of the Poush Mela was shifted to the Purbapalli field. The venue for this year is the Melar Maath. Those living in Bolpur and other nearby areas will find it easy to commute to the Mela using local transportation like totos or with their own or hired vehicles. 

This winter, gear up for fun-filled celebrations in Shantiniketan and attend the hallowed Poush Mela. It will be a carnival of music, food, shopping, and culture like no other indeed! The entire family will enjoy their time at this event which transforms the look and feel of Shantiniketan every year in the winter season. Here’s to a memorable time ahead with your loved ones at this gala event!