What is driving Millennials to buy Vacation Homes in Dooars?

Today’s millennials have unique perspective of life that is much different from their previous generation. While many millennials are shifting their perspectives towards real estate, others are still reluctant to buy homes in the city. What has changed? In India, millennials are slowly adopting the trend of buying vacation homes. The majority of them prefer to buy it in hilly areas like Dooars.

 Here landscapes, weather and beauty vary frequently. Brisk winter and pleasant summer prevail here. Dooars lies just beneath the eastern Himalayan crest. This region is adorned with valleys, rivers, hills, tea plantations and jungles. For decades, Dooars has served as a refuge from the chaos of city life. A high standard of living and reduced pollution are driving millennials to invest in real estate in Dooars.

Other factors driving millennials to buy vacation homes in Dooars include:

● The perfect vacation getaway

Dooars is an ideal place for a family getaway for its incredible landscape& pleasant weather. Your vacation home can be a safe haven where you can spend a relaxed holiday without bothering about hygiene and safety standards which has become extremely important post COVID. In hotels, you cannot be fully assured of their safety standards. You have full freedom to stay as many days as you wish. Additionally, you can also spend quality time with your friends and family and explore the surrounding areas in your own pace.

● City dwellings are expensive

It is expensive to buy a home in the city. That’s why many young homebuyers today  prefer to stay in a rented home in the city and invest in a much affordable property in serene locations where they can escape to. Panthaniwas offers affordable studio apartments for sale in Dooars. These apartments near Lataguri offer a good mix of convenience and comfort. Also, by renting out your vacation home, you can turn it into a reliable source of income.

● Embrace retirement in style

Post retirement, your vacation home might become your primary residence. Dooars is blessed with alluring tea gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, hills with a canopy of trees, and calming rivers to ease your mind. Owning a vacation home at Dooars might lead to a rewarding retirement.

Wrapping Up

Dooars is a popular location for millennials seeking a vacation home. Dooars real estate is appealing to millennials because of its higher living standards and low pollution. It’s a great place for a family retreat. If urban stress and work no longer seem manageable, then step away from the city for a while and enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of the magnificent forests, rivers and mountains. Buying an apartment near Lataguri can be a rewarding experience.