Wonderful News For Both the Middle & Higher Classes: Everyone Could Now Avail A Dream Home At Dooars!

Feel What It’s Like To Stay Next To the Clouds

The cacophony of chiseling, chipping, clamping, and everything else that goes into residential construction fill-up the hills with liveliness. An arty-crafty cottage, a luxury apartment beside the queen of hills, a studio apartment at Dooars, are some of the few fantasies one can avail in the highlands of the Himalayas. However, fulfilling your desire is no longer a Himalayan feat.

Dooars: Where the Himalayas Greets You

The Dooars is located in the Eastern Himalayan mountain range’s foothills. It is a breathtakingly beautiful area with beautifully landscaped hills and valleys, rivers, jungle, and pristine tea plantations. The name is derived from the Bengali word “Duar,” which signifies “door” or “entryway or gateway”.

This large territory serves as a gateway to some of the most important Himalayas native wildlife habitats. It serves as an entrance to the Bhutanese and Indian hills. It’s indeed home to a wide range of tropical species and is abundant in natural attractions. Due to the higher standard of living, several individuals seek to invest in realty in the Himalayan region.

There are some alluring residential apartments for sale in Dooars, nestled in the midst of nature, which you can only aspire of discovering in a metropolis. Buying a residence in the hillsides can be used as both a private resort and a good investment.

Imagine living in a luxury apartment amid nature, where you wake up and freshen with the inhaling of Himalayan air every morning, and stare at a sky full of stars that you could only dream to visualize in a metropolis.

Advantages for Investing In Luxury Apartments at Dooars

Purchasing a luxury apartment in the cradle of nature is a cogent thought with promising returns. However, there are few benefits you can avail yourself while investing in luxury apartments at Dooars:


Purchasing a residence can be a great way to generate money and build a sizable savings account over time, but only if the location is right. You should select a residence in popular tourist destinations. If you are willing to reside in a pollution-free environment, Dooars is best for you. Consider it a holiday rental property that you may hire out as a rest house or a PG.

Affordable Rate

 As per market standards, the cost of studio and luxury apartments is immensely higher. Keeping this in mind, the renowned real-estate agencies in Dooars have fabricated astounding residences in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is bestowed with several amenities like, green areas with matured trees, an exclusive corner for senior citizens, a separate jogging track, pool bar and many more. Apart from this, the realty is affordable, which is comfortable for both the middle and higher class.

Best Hillside Investment

The consequences of Covid-19 have impacted our social lives. Due to this global outbreak, people are searching for residencies where they can avail themselves of natural benefits and a pollution-free environment. There are several astounding apartments for sale in Dooars, which offers you a relaxed and luxurious living in the cradle of Mother Nature.

 However, due to its location at the foothills of the mountains, the monsoon season is longer. As a result of the ideal weather patterns, consider your hillside investment as a distinctive asset.