Which Is for You: A One Bedroom or a Studio Apartment?

If you reside alone and are searching for an apartment, you will most likely have to choose between a studio and a one-bedroom unit. We’re here to help you decide between a one-bedroom and a studio apartment.

This is a question that we’re sure has crossed your thoughts. At the very least, once. If not, we’re sure you’re considering it right now. So what is the solution, then? It is entirely up to you to make that decision.

To begin, you must understand the difference between these two. The bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, and washroom are all separate facilities in a one-bedroom apartment. Studios will have enough space to accommodate these items; it will be up to you to decide where they’ll be placed.

Although they appear to be identical on the surface, there are significant differences that can have a massive effect on your decision.

Studio Apartment

Studio apartments, also known as studio flats, self-contained apartments, efficiency apartments, or bed-sitters, are compact residences that incorporate several rooms, including the living area, bedroom, and kitchen.


● There is less maintenance to be done.

Cleaning is easier in a studio because there is less room available. You’ll be able to complete your tasks quickly.

● It helps in saving money.

Studio apartments are mostly less expensive than one-bedroom units. You’ll save both money and your utilities! Furthermore, if you have less space, you will not need to buy as much furniture.

● Everything would be safe and sound.

You’ll be in charge of the majority of your belongings. While viewing a movie, you can be in the “kitchen” and see an image of your buddies alongside your bed. Studios have a way of making even the tiniest of spaces feel warm and inviting.

One-bedroom apartment

A one-bedroom apartment has a distinct bedroom section that is separated from the kitchen and living room.


● More space

You will be able to store more stuff in your room instead of having to buy things depending on their size (although it is always a good idea to measure first). Your apartment’s area can be divided into different sections.

● More options for in-unit amenities

The extra space may be sufficient to facilitate some conveniences that would otherwise be impossible to include in a studio. For example, your one-bedroom could include a washer, multiple closets, full-sized equipment, and more overall storage.


● It is more costly.

The cost of utilities rises in tandem with the square footage. With the extra space, you’ll need more furnishings, which will cost you more bucks.

● There’s much more to clean.

You had a feeling it was going to happen. With extra furniture comes the added responsibility of maintaining it.

Choosing between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment is an important decision to make throughout your apartment search. Depending on the region and specialized amenities, you may prefer a studio over a one-bedroom apartment. Panthaniwas is a good choice if you are looking for a studio apartment. Panthaniwasstudio apartments in Shantiniketan strive to provide a modern and elevated lifestyle amidst the serenity and beauty of the countryside. It will let you bask in the beauty and aura of Bengal’s craftsmanship and innovation while enjoying luxury and comfort at an affordable price .