Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary – A Mesmerizing Deer Park in Bolpur, West Bengal

A trip to the Ballavpur wildlife sanctuary is a great adventure if you are seeking tranquility. With its gorgeous forest cover, a big waterway network, and an abundance of animals and migratory birds, Sultanpur National Park will be your companion. With that said, without further ado, let us learn a little more about this jungle.

The Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Shantiniketan’s Ballavpur Abhayaranya is yet another. On July 11th, 1977, the deer park was opened to the public. This reserved forest was established on about 700 acres of lush land with a range of plants such as sal, pial, sishu, cashews, haritaki, amlaki, bahera, sirish, berries, mahuya, sonajhuri, akashmani, and other creatures such as Krishna Sar, peacock, rabbit, mongoose, fox, snake, and various birds.

Bolpur Santiniketan is three kilometres away, while Kolkata is 172 kilometres away. It is close to the park.

The Deer Park – Bolpur

Deer Park is the name given to Balavpur Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located within the ‘Khoai’ region, which features a big woodland and a unique bird sanctuary with numerous deer’s.

The Bolpur subdivision of the Birbhum district is notable for its lush fields and red soil. People flock to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve because of the beautiful green forest and its evergreen beauty. Numerous birds (named in Bengali dialect) such as balihans, moral, pandubi, metehans, jalpipi, titir, and machhranga, as well as hornbill, pockard, gadwall, shoveller, pintail, egret, and multitudes of other migrating birds flock here during the cold season (November to March) in the massive adjacent pond beside the Deer Park.

When they fly to their nests at sunset, the scene is breathtaking. In addition, the pond is home to numerous turtles.

In West Bengal, this is the only deer conservation area. In 1967, the sanctuary became a reality. The most common deer species are Cheethal deer and Blackbucks. Aside from that, there are foxes, jackals, and monkeys. This region is rather vast, and there are three waterways, so there are constantly migratory and seasonal birds to see.

The area is surrounded on both sides by fences, and a road runs through it. As you walk about, you’ll notice fauna and songbirds. A watchtower is also present to keep an eye on the entire area.

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