4 Ideas to Decorate your Studio Apartment at Panthaniwas

Staying at Panthaniwas will give you enough chance to wake up to a breathtaking view right from your window or take in the melody of tranquillity or going for a morning walk through the misty forests, sitting beside the river and adore the large star-stud canopy over your head we call the sky. Owning a vacation home in an exotic location like foothills of Himalayas is not a distant imagination anymore. We can very well plan to live in a luxury apartment near Murti River as these studio apartments offered by Panthaniwas is starting from 9 Lacs only.

Since this studio apartment near Chalsa View Point will be all about having a fun and relaxing time with family and friends in an exotic location like Dooars, you can toss out the rulebook and create your own special abode that you’ll enjoy visiting year after year. Decorating a studio apartment involves tricky design challenges that require a bit more ingenuity, planning, and effort. Here are some ideas to make it less cluttered and more cozy.

  1. Break up the area:

If your studio apartment feels like you have little to no privacy, room dividers are a great way to break up space. An open shelving unit with the perks of a bookshelf is a good idea to separate the room when the things in the shelves can be accessed from both sides. Geometric or wood pallet room dividers that let you peek into the next room can be used to separate the mood of two different spaces. You can also break up the space using rugs or rearranging furniture to create division between areas.

  • Focus on lighting:

Well-lit spaces always feel more enjoyable and appealing. Carefully select your lighting fixtures, heating and cooling systems for your vacation home. Use mood lighting or bulbs that offer soft, yellow light, like incandescent bulbs for a cozier ambience. Go for ceiling fixtures that operate on a dimmer to control the lighting in each room efficiently avoiding the hazards of cords. Have some fairy lighting to create a selfie-corner or a romantic dinner date set up.

  • Have smart furniture:

Focus on having smart and quality furniture. A cluttered or cramped room will never let you relax peacefully. Go minimalist and get rid of junk furniture pieces. Look for multipurpose furniture like a pull-out couch or a bed with a storage headboard. Combine a desk, table, and coffee table in a pop-up coffee table that’s tall enough to sit comfortably while working from home, as well as when settling down for a meal. Under the counter shelving units can serve as hidden storage which is a must in studio apartments.

  • Get personal with things on display:

Your cozy hill home will be a great opportunity to get whimsical and thematic in your décor. Get personal and incorporate a collection of your favourite things or souvenirs in your mountain retreat. Show off your fun pictures and paintings of your most memorable vacations. Adding a few plants will also do well to your physical and mental health. Get creative with their placement though.