Finest Trekking Destinations in North Bengal

Trekking is like an addictive adventure that lets you explore nature in its purest form.It is through an unscripted journey filled with surprises, we come close to nature and cherish the simple pleasures of life. North Bengal is blessed with enchanting forests, picturesque mountain range, meandering rivers and a lot of less-explored lands waiting to be discovered. Trekking through the zigzag, un-trodden paths admiring lush greenery or wildflowers growing on mountain slopes, gorgeous meadows – you will feel liberated from all your worries.

Travellers from all over the world visit North Bengal for various adventurous expeditions including trekking. Most homestays in Dooars and other parts of North Bengal conduct short treks to nearby places. Trekking through hills, dense forestsand brilliant canopy of rhododendron trees is a lifetime experience and the number of people who want to give it a try is increasing. In the post-COVID era, as travellers will prefer accommodations where all the health hygiene will be maintained. In that case, investing in vacation homes will get more preference than staying in random homestays. It is anticipated that residential properties for sale will increase in Dooars.

North Bengal can offer you a paradise of adventure and thrilling experiences. Let’s check out the 5 finest

yet offbeat trekking destinations in North Bengal:

1. Sandakphu Trek:

Witness the incredible panorama of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse from Sandakphu, situated at 12000 feet. It is the highest point in Singalila range as well as in West Bengal. The replete hairpin bend and zigzag roadsgo all along the Singalila range and therefore this is also known as Singalila trek. Walking through the forests of flowering rhododendrons of numerous types, beautiful valleys filled with orchids, giant magnolias, spruce – you might catch a glimpse of sun rays streaming upon this ice ensconced conglomerate and etching surreal colour splash in the sky.Hospitality of the locals will make the journey even more exciting.

2. Neora Valley Trek:

Neora Valley, located in Kalimpong district,stretches in the north up to an altitude of 3,200m. Dooars in South, Bhutan and Sikkim in the North – Neora Valley is known for its exotic wildlife, rich diversity, dense forest and mountain streams gushing and gurgling down the hills crisscrossing the entire forest. Panthaniwasis offering affordable studio apartments near Neora Valley from where trekkers can easily set out to explore around 200 species of birds, red panda, colourful butterflies as well as diverse flora and fauna. Also visit Changey waterfall through steep trail where you can hear the songs of Cicadas and many other singing birds as well as the water gushing down from a height with roaring sound.

3. Phalut Trek:

Phalut, a hidden gem for trekkers is located at an altitude of about 11,811 feet, aligned on the same ridge as Sandakphu. It is a 21km long trail that lies on one of the loftiest eminences of the Singalila range where tourists can enjoy the thrill of trekking through the rugged terrain and bask in the glory of Himalayan flora and fauna. During Phalut trek, you can come closer to the most spectacular panoramic views of the highest peaks of Himalayas in a single stretch. It is a mesmerising experience to trek through the dense forest of pine, spruce, oaks where the sweet scent of magnolia and shrubs of rhododendronswafting in the air will free you from stress and anxiety. However, tourists should be prepared for sudden changes of weather or heavy downpour.

4.Kolakham Trek:

Nestled in Kalimpong district, Kolakham is an absolute paradise for bird-watchers, rock climbers and tourists who seek adventure. Perched at an altitude of 6100feet, Kolakhamoverlooks the mighty Eastern Himalayas and offers a magnificent view of Kanchenjunga. It is a small, sleepy hamlet where roads curved through the dense and lush green tropical and alpine trees will take you to places that can be your perfect hideout from the world. Indulge in various adventure sports or relish the majestic view of snow-capped mountains, nature walks through the picturesque landscape, captivating night sky full of stars. All will make your trekking expedition a once in a lifetime experience.

5.Takdah-Tinchuley Trek:

Takdah is a quaint village straight out of fairy tales located at an altitude of 4,000ft. During British Raj, this place used to be a military cantonment. Takdah is a place of absolute solace where you can unwind amidst quietude and spectacular natural beauty of tea gardens or orange groves. The lovely Orchid Centre here is one of the best in Asia. Trek about 3.5kms from Takdahand you’ll reach Tinchuleywhich is known for its sunrise-sunset point and orange orchards. Witnessing breathtakingly beautiful sunrise while enjoying the cool breeze from meandering TeestaRiver surrounded by lofty mountains can be a magical experience in your whole journey.