Worried about maintaining your vacation home from a far? Not anymore.

Buying a vacation home often comes with personal as well as financial rewards. People usually invest in a vacation home for building wealth or as an escapade where they can spend easy, affordable holidays without worrying much about the uncertainties. Investing in a vacation home far from the city, within serenity is fairly common among affluent home buyers who want to settle there permanently after retirement. Then Covid19 happened and our lifestyle changed in many ways. Confined within the home for months, seeking for a holiday is something we all are craving. But can we risk our health and safety for it? Of course, not! That might be the reason why middle- class home buyers too are showing interest in buying vacation homes.

Buying a luxury apartment near Murti river at Panthaniwas is much exciting as you can escape there whenever your heart desires, skipping the prevailing uncertainties. However, vacation homes present a challenge when it comes to maintenance as it might be vacant for several weeks of the year. Nobody wants to spend their travel time on repairs and maintenance. On top of that, keeping the vacation home safe and secure from afar is a big concern for property owners.

Here are some tips to manage your maintenance woes:

1. Secure all doors and windows:

Though sounds very obvious, but leaving a window or door open in your absence for a long time may lead to catastrophe. The open door or window can allow dust and rain to enter your home or worse, they can provide an excellent deterrent to would-be intruders. A vacant home can be a jackpot for burglars and the open door or window can provide the perfect entry point to them. If you have sliding glass doors, never miss to lock them up with a security bar. Walk around the house and thoroughly inspect every door and window before leaving your vacation home.

2. Keep it organized:

Coming home to a mess is very disappointing. Clean everything up that you’ve dirtied on your getaway before leaving. Get rid of trash, dust and dirt and cover your furniture before leaving. Also clean if there’s any stain on an upholstered piece of furniture while on vacation before it becomes permanent. Check fixtures or pipes for any leakage, close your taps tightly, switch off electricals to avoid any wastage. Leave everything in a sparkling state so that you get your home ready whenever you visit. Panthaniwas provides systematic maintenance service in absence of owner so that you can always step-in to a clean, tidy home whenever you visit.

3. Install home security system:

Installing home security system is an excellent way to keep yourself connected to the property and deter burglars. A security alarm will alert you and local authorities if someone enters the property without permission. It’s a good idea to have fire or smoke detectors so that people can contact the local fire department in case of any emergency. There are automated home security systems that will allow you to control all kinds of home devices including door locks, lights etc through your smartphone. Panthaniwas offers 24×7 CCTV security on the premises so that your home remains safe when you are away.

4. Take care of locks and spare keys:

Always have a spare key with you but don’t leave it in obvious places such as under the front doormat, on top of a porch light or under a fake rock. Always leave the spare keys with a trusted neighbour or building caretaker. You can also go for keyless locks that can be controlled by a smartphone or computer so you don’t even have to be close by to lock or unlock your doors. Install a coded entry lock that allows anyone with the secret password to enter. It will improve the safety and functionality of your home.

5. Know your neighbour:

Neighbours are your last line of defence. Maintaining good relations with neighbours can pay great dividends in terms of keeping your vacation home safe. Trustworthy neighbours can keep an eye out on your property and report to you if anything goes wrong. Leave your contact information with them so that they can notify you if any suspicious activity takes place.