Work From Anywhere – Work From Shantiniketan

The global pandemic has forced us to adopt too many changes in too short a time. From work at office, we shifted to work from home and the latest addition to this trend is – work from anywhere.

Now, what does that mean?

Sitting in the same place and working straight for long hours without any social life has already exhausted a number of people. Working professionals are now planning getaways with good internet facility where they can manage work and leisure simultaneously. The concept of ‘work from anywhere’ is allowing employees the flexibility to work according to their schedules and locations, which gave them more freedom and dynamism of work. This phenomenon leads to coin a new buzzword in 2020 – “bleisure” i.e combining business with leisure.

Close to city, far from chaos:

Travelling long distances is still very risky. When the situation will get back to normal is uncertain too. It is anticipated that people would like to travel short distances from the metro cities and choose destinations within four or five-hour drive. In that case, Shantiniketan is an ideal choice for people living in Kolkata. Bengalis can strongly connect with Shantiniketan for its rich culture, heritage, tradition and the influence of Rabindranath Thakur. This place is lovingly modelled by Tagore on the principles of humanism, internationalism and a sustainable environment which will always have a special place in every Bengali’s heart. Buying a second home in Shantiniketan is very common among Bengalis. Panthaniwas Shantiniketan is offering luxury suite and bungalows near Bolpur where you can indulge in leisure while managing your work peacefully.

Manage work effectively:

Though situated in a rural setting, Panthaniwas has all the facilities a modern lifestyle requires. It is well-equipped with high-speed internet along with facilities like 24 hours’ security and power backup which will help you to accomplish your work smoothly without any hindrances. It has an exclusive library for Tagore’s admirers where you can learn and work at the same time. At Panthaniwas, you will have access to the utmost privacy that you need for finishing your assignments. The vast area has enough scope for maintaining social distancing norms. The area is sanitised regularly so that you can skip the worries of being infected. Panthaniwas also provides maintenance support in the absence of the owner so that you can get back to a clean and ready home whenever you visit.

Enjoy leisure:

Once you are done for the day, visit the nearby places to soak in the rustic charm of Shantiniketan. Take a trip to Kopai river one moonlit night and you are bound to feel thrilled. You can visit Biswa Bharati University, Chhatimtala, Tagore Ashrama to cherish the peace and tranquillity that your heart craves in the midst of noise and cacophony of the city. Save your weekends for visiting Shantiniketan museum, Kankalitala temple or Sonajhuri forest, of course, keeping in mind the safety protocols. The serene sight of greens and the charm of red soil of this place have been immortalized by Tagore through his memorable works where he has frequently mentioned them. Maybe that’s one silver lining of the pandemic where we get to cherish other brighter sides of life and spend a lot of time with family.