How Staying In Panthaniwas Can Heal You In The Most Amazing Ways

Struggling to reach office crammed inside a train or a
crowded bus every day – is not something we really dream about. There are perks
of staying in cities for the convenience of everything you need around you and
the wide variety of work opportunities. Traffic noise, chaos and the repeated
infringement of personal space in cities often trigger the brain’s threat
system, which sometimes make us feel stressed.

But then, the global pandemic is forcing us to change
our lifestyle. In the era of ‘new normal’, we don’t need to stay in a congested city
to save our jobs. The ‘work from home’ culture is here to stay and your home can be anywhere. When it comes to choosing a landscape to live in, what will you choose? Beaches? Mountains? Forest? Or a riverside?

Panthaniwas offers property for sale in Dooars where you will be pampered by mother nature every day. The property is surrounded by mighty Kanchenjunga, tranquil Murti river and serene forests and wildlife sanctuaries. Staying here will be a healing process mentally as well as physically.

  • Perks of Living near Mountains:

There’s something about the sight of mountains that inspire you to be active. The body burns through a larger number of calories at a higher altitude. Activities like hiking, biking and skiing lowers the risk of obesity and significantly decreases the risk of dying from ischemic heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. Mountains allow you to live above the layer of smog above larger cities and breathe in the clean, fresh air. The vast expanses of untouched nature, incredible views of mountains, valleys, lakes, and a variety of wildlife will make you feel like you are on vacation mode each day. The slower pace of life will help you pause and appreciate the world around you which will significantly lower your stress levels.

  • Perks of Living near Forest:

Studies found that humans are better able to cope with chronic stress and are happier when connected with nature. There are many physical and psychiatric challenges of living in a city that ultimately leads to chronic stress. The trees absorb a lot of the air pollutants that can cause respiratory diseases in humans. Living near the forest will help you breathe better and also recover faster from an illness or operation. The studio apartments near Gorumara National Forest will let you enjoy some leisurely walks through the woods where the chirping of the birds and murmuring of the leaves will replace the hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by lush greens can help you to stay fit and sleep better.

  • Perks of Living near River:

Apart from the picturesque view, living near river or waterbody has several health benefits. Panthaniwas is situated near Murti river. You can expect the soothing sounds of water lapping the shore and the call of birds that will lull you to sleep or help you relax better. Water has therapeutic benefits that trigger an immediate response in our brains. Water causes neurochemicals to rush through your body which increases blood flow to your brain and heart. As you get relaxed, your immune function will follow suit. Participating in water sports is always a rewarding experience which will bring you a feeling of calm, peacefulness, unity, and general happiness.