Forests of Dooars – Explore Nature at its Best

The Dooars region, most of which falls in the new district of Alipurduar is known for its breathtaking flora and fauna. People from all over the world come to the Dooars to soak in the mesmerizing beauty of nature in its rustic form.

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Jaldapara National Park:

This national park is situated at the banks of the Torsa River and is spread over an area of 217 While this park is famous for its Indian one-horned rhinoceros there are many other animals in the park like the Indian leopards, elephants, wildboars etc. Catching a glimpse of these animals in their natural habitat can be really fun and exciting.


Often termed as the Queen of Dooars, Jayanti is a small village located at the Eastern foothills of the Himalayan belt at the banks of the Jayanti River. The trek from Buxaduar to Jayanti through dense forests is something that people mostly come here for.

Chilapata Forest:

Situated very close to the Jaldapara National Park, is Chilapata Forest which is also home to a great diversity of wild animals. Interestingly, new species of animals are still being found here in this forest. The Nalraja Garh, the ruins of the fort of the Nal Kings which was built in the 5th Century during the Gupta Empire is an intriguing place located deep inside the Chilapata Forest that many people might enjoy exploring.

Buxa Tiger Reserve:

An international corridor for elephant migration between India and Bhutan and a wildlife reserve with the second highest generic diversity of mammals, the Buxa Tiger Reserve is one of the most mesmerizing places to visit in the Dooars. The hilly landscape along with the numerous criss-crossing rivulets, rare species of birds and animals and exotic flowers and medicinal herbs make this tiger reserve unique and a must visit for people coming to the Dooars.

Sikiajhora Eco Spot:

Situated beside the Sikiajhora River, this site was developed as an eco-tourism center only a few years ago. The key attraction of this area is boating amidst dense forests. This absolutely unique experience even earns its name as “Mini Amazon of Dooars”.

South Khayerbari Eco Park:

The verdant surroundings of the place along with the Leopard and Royal Bengal Tiger Rescue Center make South Khayerbari an important tourist place in the Dooars region.

Apart from these areas too, there are places like the Biswakarma Jhora, Bakla Bill, Lepchakha, Raimatang, Malangi, Toro Para and more that are worth exploring in the Dooars region. People planning to explore all these places must however remember to plan their travel well so they can enjoy and experience nature at its best.