Here’s why artists prefer to buy Studio apartments in Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan is one place where most people living in bustling urban metropolises like Kolkata like to have a second home. Those in the domain of fine arts usually like to use this second home as a creative den. It is as such no surprise that most popular painters, dancers, singers and such other creative people living in Kolkata and other parts of Bengal have villas, 2-3 BHK apartments and even studio apartments in Shantiniketan.

Panthaniwas is a unique property in the heart of Shantiniketan where people can enjoy a high-end and modern lifestyle within the beautiful rural landscape of Tagore’s abode. Considering the high demand for studio apartments in Shantiniketan, Panthaniwas has recently launched studio apartments within their premises and these are already selling like hot cake. The reasons for the popularity of studio apartments, especially amongst artists are as follows:

Strategic Location

Our residential complex that the studio apartments are a part of is strategically located in a place that is well connected to other parts of Shantiniketan and yet well secluded from the usual chaos of the hotspots. This kind of a location suits the artists very well as while being well connected they can also enjoy the much required calm where they can work peacefully.

Compact and easy to maintain: 

Studio apartments are compact structures with functional spaces like a pantry, bathroom and balcony. Artists thus have the required space to go about their work and not bother about maintaining the whole house and rooms that may not be in use. The house can also be maintained and cleaned quickly without even having to hire a domestic help. This not only saves people a lot of time, also makes maintaining the space quite hassle free.

Presence of all Amenities: 

Studio apartments in Shantiniketan are mostly a part of big residential complexes that come complete with various amenities. As a result, people who own these studio apartments get to enjoy all the amenities like the swimming pool, gymnasium, park, club house etc. without having to spend a fortune on buying a 2-3 BHK apartments.

Cost Effective: 

Studio apartments are usually priced much lower than the conventional 1BHK or 2-3 BHK apartments and as such are much easier to buy. Artists who may want to have a space to function as a creative den find these absolutely perfect as these do not cost as much.

Community Life: 

People living in Panthaniwas in particular enjoy an active and exciting community life as every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor within the premises. Be it Holi, Poila Baisakh or Durga Puja, people get to enjoy all the festivals with the whole community here. Performances by the residents as well as renowned musicians and elaborate feasts are a regular feature of these community events. People with a creative bend of mind always enjoy such festivities and draw inspiration for their work from such events, which is another reason why artists love to buy studio apartments in Shantiniketan.


Since the studio apartments are usually a part of residential complexes there is strict security all around so no trespassers can get entry into the premises and create a nuisance. There are CCTv cameras as well as security personnel to ensure the safety of the residents. This arrangement works perfectly well for artists as it gives them the peace of mind to work without having to worry about stalkers or crazy fans trying to disturb their work.


In most residential complexes there are plumbers, electricians, general mechanics and at times even errands men available on call which also saves people like artists the hassle of going out to get the supplies in full public view.

The concept of studio apartments beautifully suits the needs of artists and painters who usually want a space they can call their own and work in peace without having to worry about any maintenance or social engagements.

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