Quick Tips on how you can decorate your new home in Dooars

Dooars, as the name suggests, is the gateway to Bhutan and the beautiful North-Eastern states of India and comprises several little villages, towns, wild life sanctuaries, tea estates, dense forests and more. The very description of what comprises Dooars should be enough to paint a beautiful picture of the place in every individual’s mind.

Owing to its rustic charms, along with being a thriving tourist destination, Dooars is slowly becoming a key attraction for people willing to invest in property. Many people are now buying property here to use the same as a summer or may be a retirement home later in life. Many big residential projects like the Panthaniwas have come up with interesting options so people can invest in real estate property at Dooars and use the same as per their will. If you too are keen on buying a property in this residential project you must go right ahead as this project not only has world class amenities, also enjoys great locational advantage.

Mega township projects like Panthaniwas certainly offer well-appointed residential units but it is important to note that the property will become home only once it has been decorated as per your taste.

Here we have for you a few quick tips to decorate your home in Dooars.

Let the verdant surroundings be visible from every room

The best thing about having a home in Dooars is that you are greeted by the sights and sounds of nature as soon as you enter this region. As such, you must ensure that you have ample picture windows or French windows in every room so that you can get uninterrupted views of the verdant surroundings. This will not only make your home look more beautiful but also more spacious.

Use Earthy tones and natural accents in the overall décor: 

Your home in the hills should be decorated with earthy tones and natural accents so all that is highlighted are the verdant greens and the natural beauty all around.

Use of warm earthy colors in the décor will only make your abode in the hills more cozy and comfortable.

Let wood be the main element of your décor

Wood exudes a warm and cozy feeling and looks great in homes, especially in cold areas. You can always go for wooden flooring and wooden false ceiling along with furniture made from bamboo or solid wood if you want to give your home that regal yet cozy look. Use of wood in strategic places would also make your décor look in sync with the natural environment of the place.

Keep it simple and clutter free:

Keep your home as clutter free as possible and just add a few statement pieces in well-lit corners to enhance the décor. In a place like Dooars where Mother Nature is at her very best, the Hero element of your décor should be the panoramic views of the verdant greens. You may want to add a few dream catchers and wind chimes in places to accentuate the natural elements. A few indoor plants and a fire place would just be perfect to give your home that perfect summer home look.

You can easily get Real estate property at Dooars in various places but just make sure that the project you are investing in is surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape of the region so that you can thoroughly enjoy the whole experience of owning a summer home in such a beautiful place.