The Benefits of having a studio apartment in Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan is a place that is very dear to every Bengali and given a choice, every Bengali would invariably love to have a second home or a holiday retreat here.This quaint neighborhood of Bolpur with its rustic charms and oodles of Bangaliana never fails to delight people who set foot here. And just like Tagore’s literature slowly grows on you, so does Shantiniketan.

People from all over Bengal, especially Kolkata are quite keen on buying properties here and in order to cater to the growing demand, realtors are coming up with some excellent projects here. Panthaniwas Shantiniketan which is a residential complex spread across an area of 150000 sq.ft is one such project that never fails to delight property seekers. Their newly launched studio apartments are especially popular with the young property buyers and if you are wondering why, read on to know more about the benefits of having a studio apartment.

The Cost

The biggest advantage of buying a studio apartment is perhaps the cost. These apartments are usually available at a much lower cost compared to a 1BHK or any other type of residential unit. As such, studio apartments give buyers the option to own a home in Shantiniketan at a much cheaper price compared to other types of properties.

Locational Advantage: 

The studio apartments in Shantiniketan as well as most other cities are usually built within big residential complexes that are situated in serene locations. As such, on buying a studio apartment, people get to own a residence in a peaceful and serene location and that too at a much lesser cost.

Ease of maintenance:

 Studio apartments are usually preferred by people because they are easy to maintain. Studio apartments are compact and they usually have just one living area along with a pantry, balcony and bathroom. As such, it is not at all difficult to clean up and organize the apartment even without any help. People like painters, writers, and musicians etc. who want to set up their creative den in Shantiniketan show great preference for such apartments because of this ease of maintenance. 

Access to World Class amenities: 

Studio apartments are always a part of big residential complexes which have all modern amenities like swimming pool, club house, library, gym, children’s play area etc. These amenities are there for all the residents of the township to use. As such, people who buy studio apartments also get access to all these amenities without having to spend a huge sum on buying a 2-3 BHK apartment.

Community Life: 

Every residential complex invariably celebrates all the festivals and social events together wherein all the residents of the complex are invited to take part. And in places like Panthaniwas, such celebrations are in fact a big affair where all the residents of the township, whether it is someone living in a studio apartment or a 3 BHK get to participate and enjoy with full gusto.


All gated complexes have 24X7 CCTv surveillance as well as security personnel posted on all entry and exit points. The security personnel not only keep a strict vigil on all the movements taking place within the premises, they also closely monitor all the entries and exits. As such, all the residents of the gated complex, even those living in studio apartments can rest assured about their safety as well as that of their property in their absence.

Buying a studio apartment in Shantiniketan can be a great decision as it will enable you to enjoy the charms of this beautiful place from a place that you can proudly call your own.