Reasons to buy a Property in Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan is a quaint neighborhood in Bolpur town where you can experience the quintessential Bengali way of life. This university town is steeped in culture and the rustic charms of nature, which immensely appeals to those who have grown up worshipping and idolizing Tagore and his works.

People from all over West Bengal are keen on buying property in Shantiniketan, either to settle down after retirement or to simply have a second home where they can enjoy some quiet time over extended weekends and holidays, away from the daily commotion of life.

Considering the increasing demand for good property in strategic locations, many real estate developers have launched state-of-art residential projects in Shantiniketan. Panthaniwas is one such beautiful and intelligently planned residential complex in the heart of Bolpur where you can enjoy an urbane lifestyle amidst the beauties of nature.

Let’s take a look at what makes Shantiniketan an ideal place to buy property:

Connectivity: Shantiniketan is at a distance of about 165 Kms from Kolkata and is very well connected via road and rail. Although you can easily get a train to the Bolpur station from Kolkata, post COVID, most people I have noticed prefer driving. The roads are in fairly good condition so the journey does not become too tiring either. There are also quite a few buses from Kolkata that you can avail to reach Shantiniketan comfortably. Thus, the convenience of reaching this place is one big factor that adds to the demand for properties here.

Property Prices: Since Bolpur can still be labeled as a developing city, prices of property here are comparatively lower. Even today you can easily get a 2 BHK or a studio apartment for a very less price, if you compare the same with property prices in Kolkata. Affordable apartments in Shantiniketan like Panthaniwas also lure many people who may be considering a second option to invest in property here.

Housing Options: Many people who want to buy property in Shantiniketan show a preference for buying independent villas and homes so they can design and decorate it as per their taste. Bungalows with little kitchen garden, the front porch, that personal roof top and that stately gate and name plate at the entrance are witnessing a rising demand among urban homebuyers who are interested to invest in vacation homes. Interestingly, along with well-appointed flats, people can also get plenty of such options in Shantiniketan. Also, since Shantiniketn mostly attracts art lovers, poets and musicians, studio apartments are also available in plenty here where such people can make their own den.

Civic Amenities: Although, it is a small town, Bolpur has fairly good infrastructure compared to many other areas in West Bengal. Well maintained roads, sewage facilities as well as good water and electricity supply are amongst the key highlights of the place. Also, there is no dearth of modern shopping complexes, multiplexes, schools, hospitals and other commercial centers here. The world famous Vishva Bharati University is certainly there for students to pursue higher education. As such, people living in Bolpur Shantiniketan can have an equally comfortable life here.

World Renowned Festivals: Shantiniketan is known for a few of its magnificent festivals like the Poush Mela, the Bosonto Utsav, Rabindra Jayanti, Vriksharopan, Varshamangal, Maghotsav and the Kenduli Mela to name a few. People from all over the world come to take part in these festivals, so just imagine the thrill of living here as a resident of the place during these festivities! Also, if you are buying property so you can lease it out via various accommodation booking sites, these festivals will surely keep your property always in demand.

Therefore, if you have the resources to invest in affordable apartments in Shantiniketan, you can surely benefit from the purchase in more ways than one.