Sustainable Decorating tips for your home in the Dooars

The Dooars lie in the North-Eastern part of India, South of the outer foothills of the Himalayas. This region is marked by dense forests, rivers, teal plantations and wildlife sanctuaries. All over the region nature is in its most rustic and beautiful form and tourists from all over the world come to experience this beauty.

While earlier Dooars only attracted visitors, owing to the many infrastructural developments that have happened in and around the area, it now attracts many property buyers too. With reputed real estate developers coming up with impressive residential properties here, the demand for properties too is on the rise. Panthaniwas is one such gated township that has caught the attention of many enthusiastic property buyers as it has well-appointed residential units as well as all kinds or urbane lifestyle amenities. Strategically located close to the Batabari Bazaar and Murti river, apartments for Sale in Dooars within Panthaniwas offer great value for money.

Many people who have been looking for studio Apartments near Neora Valley, booked their home in Panthaniwas and are conscious about preserving the beauty of the place have opted for sustainable décor ideas and made a luxurious abode for themselves in the hills. And here are a few tips for new home buyers who plan to buy an apartment in Dooars & decorate their home in a sustainable way.

Make ample use of the natural elements

In order to decorate your home in the Dooars in a sustainable way it is important to ensure that you make intelligent use of the natural elements. There should be proper ventilation to facilitate the inflow of natural light so the space looks bright and feels warm. Picture windows and French windows that facilitate uninterrupted views of the verdant surroundings can do the magic and seamlessly integrate nature with the décor.

Opt for sustainable materials while doing the upholstery: 

If you want to capture the essence of the hills into your home décor, try not to go too loud with the upholstery. Get Rugs, curtains, throws, cushion covers etc. in materials like organic cotton, jute and bamboo which are not only sustainable, are also easy to maintain.

Reuse old statement pieces of furniture

For your home in the Dooars you can always revamp your old furniture by giving it a fresh coat of paint. You can also use some antique furniture pieces after doing the necessary repair work in order to avoid buying new furniture and adding on to your carbon footprint. Moreover, charming antique furniture not only goes with the overall setting of a place in the hills, it also emanates that warmth which makes a four-walled structure home.

Give your green thumb a free reign: 

Add many beautiful indoor plants to the interiors as that will not only synchronize the décor with the natural surroundings, will also make your space livelier. You can use a wide variety of plants for different areas of your home. Snake plants, zizi plants, bamboo shoots, money plants are some of the common ones that you can always use. You can also have your own little kitchen garden with herbs of various kinds growing at the window sill. Just remember to use metal, clay or other recycled materials for the planters so you do not harm the environment in any way.

Be mindful of the materials used: 

Many a times we end up harming the environment without really intending to do so which is why we must try to be mindful of the materials used while decorating our space sustainably. You must be careful that the wall paints or the adhesives being used to apply the wall paper do not emit harmful fumes. Opt for eco-friendly paints and fixtures to make your home truly sustainable.

By implementing these little tips you can indeed build a beautiful and sustainable home in the Dooars from where you can enjoy the rustic charms of nature and a peaceful stay.